Viscar Introduces Knowledge Wednesdays

“Knowledge Wednesday” is a noble customer relationship building activity at Viscar Industrial Capacity Ltd aimed at sharing knowledge on pertinent topics and creating networks & awareness in the respective product categories. Success is powered by three things: know-how, reputation and a network of contacts (Customers). Quoting the words of Jay Abraham, “If you can be interested in other people, you can own the world”.Well educated and informed Human beings make intelligent decisions based upon their understanding and awareness of everyday situations and are able to overcome difficult situations that prevail at a specific time.

The objective of this forum is to create a platform for networking and instilling knowledge among the various participants. Professionals will also be able to transfer knowledge among themselves. Viscar is a knowledge based firm that aims at empowering organizations for optimal performance and productivity through value based Training, Consultancy, and Resourcing Services. We live our mission.

Fig. Viscar offers various trainings

Knowledge is Power. Power is the ability to perform effectively and without knowledge, this will not be possible. Human Resource Managers, Project Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Heads of Departments, CEOs, COOs,  etc. all require knowledge at their places of work. Knowledge Wednesday will assist them in their day to day activities as they run their operations.

This is a forum that they are likely to benefit from as Knowledge management has become increasingly important in organizations. Effective use of vast and varied knowledge provides organizations with the ability to innovate and respond to fast changing customer expectations. The end goal of all organizations is to satisfy their Customers as they are their reason for existing. If through knowledge in organizations, Customer Experience exceeds their expectations then it is high time organizations enrich themselves with knowledge so as to be at the top most list of their customers.


Knowledge Wednesday at Viscar is one of the forums that you wouldn’t want to miss. It will be fun, engaging, interactive, social, encouraging and most of all, something worth attending. You want to take your organization to the next level through Knowledge sign up and enjoy the free sessions from Wednesday 11th October 2017 at Viscar Knowledge Room from 7 am to 8 am. Breakfast will be available.

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