GIS & Drone Technology Driving the Next Wave of Data Collection

In the last decade, the use of drone technology has come an exceptionally long way. Various industries will be disrupted by the use of aerial robots: remote sensing, weather monitoring, oil and gas exploration, transmission line monitoring, surveying, filmmaking, precision farming, terrain extraction, digital image analysis and 3D topographical imagery analysis. Now anyone can buy […]

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Career Empowerment Programme

Viscar’s Career Empowerment Programme(CEP)seeks to alleviate the current problem in the job market whereby many job seekers are not adequately prepared to proof of their real value to employers but also lack skills and knowledge to effectively market themselves for employment. This program employs a holistic approach to the development of fundamental employability, business and […]

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HYDRAULICS: Apart of our daily lives

Imagine a world without hydraulic power, where manual lifting and handling, wedges, pulleys, inclined planes coupled with high temperatures would be the order of the day? what would this would be like? Hydraulic systems working principle is based on Pascal’s Law. Which states that Pressure is equal to Force acting per unit Area. Hydraulics is […]

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Fibre Optics Training and Career Paths

Kenya has one of the largest and fastest growing ICT sectors in Africa. It has good internet and telecommunication infrastructure that is reliable and affordable. According to a recent study by Akamai’s State of the Internet Connectivity, Kenya’s internet has been ranked the fastest in Africa and one of the most affordable. This achievement has […]

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