Fibre Optics Training and Career Paths

Kenya has one of the largest and fastest growing ICT sectors in Africa. It has good internet and telecommunication infrastructure that is reliable and affordable. According to a recent study by Akamai’s State of the Internet Connectivity, Kenya’s internet has been ranked the fastest in Africa and one of the most affordable. This achievement has been due to the installation of the fibre optic cables.

The cost-effectiveness brought about by fiber optic cables is a significant step in ensuring small businesses and households have gained access to the internet. Thousands of new businesses have cropped up in every sector of Kenya’s economy, as internet access by many locals is open to new unexplored markets.
Existing businesses are witnessing the significant reduction in costs of internet connections, besides enjoying high-speed connections. Now, many popular cyber cafes allow internet access at a much lower cost than was possible with satellite connectivity—a scenario replicated across the continent.

Kenya is connected externally by four fibre optic cable systems, namely the East African Submarine System (EASSy), The East African Marine System (TEAMS), SEACOM and Lower Indian Ocean Network-2 (LION-2). The connection internally is then provided to users by internet service providers(ISP’s) within the country.

Fig. 1 Workers haul part of a fibre optic cable onto the shore

There are over 15 ISP’s operating in Kenya. Each of them views fibre optics as a cheaper and efficient distribution platform, unlike satellite connection. Therefore, internet service providers are looking for professionals who are skilled in fibre optics and have a hands-on technical background.

There are several types of careers available in fibre optics. They include a telecommunications cabling technician, fibre optic installer, and a fibre optic assembler. Fibre optic technicians maintain fibre optic cable systems in both digital and voice transmissions. The technicians install the cables, locate and repair defects and perform many other tasks for maintaining cables.
Fig.2 Fibre optic technicians laying fibre cables

Viscar Industrial Capacity has various fibre optic training such as fibre optic technician, fibre optic network design and FTTx. We will be offering two fibre optic technicians training in the month of November;

First Training Dates: 13th to 17th November 2017 Register Here
Second Training Dates: 20th to 24th November 2017 Register Here

Price: Kshs 50,000 exclusive of tax

This will be a professional hands-on Fibre Optics technician course that prepares Network / Telecoms Engineers with the required knowledge to design, deployed and maintain Fibre Optics project confidently and professionally. Project managers, Technical Directors, and Managers, ICT System Engineers & Field Integration Engineer will find this course invaluable to their career advancement.

It takes participants with NO assumption of prior Fibre Optics knowledge. All aspects are taught from basics to advance with extensive hands-on practices.Along with this, you will learn all you can about cables and connectors.
Fig.3. Inhouse Fibre optic trainings happening

Companies and employees alike who undergo this course will enjoy mutual benefits. The company gains an experienced and trained fibre optics specialist. The employee gains skills and a steady career growth in fibre optics.

Register now by signing up here or send us an email; or Call +254721475863signing up here

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