The Evolution of Business Communication

We live in a dynamic era. The business world keeps changing from time to time. In ancient times, people would send messengers, send telegrams, write letters and even do physical visits just to communicate when doing business. This has since been superseded by the various ways people communicate with businesses in the today’s world.

Without communication, a business may fail to prosper. T is through communication that people are able to make operations in businesses run smoothly. There are various ways of communication in businesses, some of which include;


This involves people communicating on phone. Prior to this, an agenda has to be sent so that the members are aware of what is expected of them in the planned meeting. This is quite a useful mode of communication as information is received at a very fast rate and action is taken up immediately depending on the urgency. Businesses operate well in such a kind of media as the clients’ needs are attended to on timely basis.

Social media
It entails the use of Linked in, Facebook, Twitter, Live chats, among others. This mode helps businesses operate in a very smooth manner. Clients are able to air their views to business owners instantly and businesses often have the opportunity to make sales much as they may not have met the clients on face to face. Though it is seen as a means of communication to the general public, most organizations who have used it see it as the best means of communication in the today’s business world. Linked in, for instance, is a platform that has enabled professionals to interact at various levels thus enhanced long-lasting relationships between businesses and even clients.

Email communication
This is most commonly used means of communication in various organizations. This has enabled clients and organizations communicate effectively. It has enabled the exchange of very important information, even including closure of sales and even meeting client’s expectations in various ways. This is effective in instances that the people communicating seem to be far from each other. This has also enabled close follow ups and has at most times made our customer experiences be the best.

Video conferencing
Video conferencing is also a successful mode of communication where even assists learning to take place without a tutor being available physically.This is one of the very best ways of meeting clients’ needs in different learning institutions. Learning has been taken to a higher level due to the various available means of communication.

Face to face meeting
Research states that face to face meetings have always been the very best when it comes to meeting clients’ needs. Viscar’s core value is Customer Centricity. Meeting clients one on one makes businesses have a very clear understanding of what clients expect from them. Prospects are able to turn into customers in such meetings and businesses are able to also close sales in such meetings. Clients on the other hand also have the finest perspective of what they can get from their suppliers and end up being fully satisfied.

At Viscar, we value our clients. We ensure that continuous communication is key with them so that they know that we actually understand what they mean instead of what they are simply saying- We Listen.