The evolution of mobile technology

In the world today, mobile experiences are expanding Technical achievements have played a big role in the expansion of mobile experiences. Connectivity has become the foundation of a great mobile experience hence we can now connect on the go, connect fast, connect reliably, and connect real time. All these experiences have been powered by the […]

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Career Enhancement Skills

Program Overview This program seeks to alleviate the current problem in the job market whereby many job seekers are not adequately prepared to prove their value to employers but also lack skills and knowledge to market themselves for employment. This programme is ideal if you are not sure which steps to take next in your […]

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Working at Heights- Safety tips

Working at height can be dangerous if safety precautions are not taken. You should know that even a drop of a few inches can cause serious injury. Work requiring the use of ladders or scaffolding must be studied in order to eliminate as much risk to workers.  Fig.1. Trainees undertake a fall arrest training practical […]

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