Why invest in Career Development?

Career development and management is an extension of who you are, what you learn, and what you do to connect your authentic identity to work with a purpose.

The importance of having career development cannot be over-emphasized. Whereas In the past, employers focused significantly on professional development and grooming of employees for advancement, but the times have changed. Massive layoffs and cutbacks and the shrinking or elimination of professional development programs have left workers to fend for themselves. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each professional to take up responsibility to excel in their respective professional life.

The more you invest in yourself — and invest in your career — the greater the dividends, both now and in the future. It is essential to build your career capital by investing in your future — and increase your value to your current… and future employers. People who are successful in their careers proactively determine their career goals and make a plan to accomplish these goals.

The goal of career development is to develop and acquire skills and knowledge required as a foundation for professional success. There are multiple advantages of personal Career Development a few of which are enumerated below:-

1. Always Learning
As a busy adult, you are always learning, in many different ways and settings. Career development helps you plan and evaluate all forms of learning on a regular basis.

2. The workforce of the Future
Career development yields new skills, opportunities, and challenges for a 21st-century workforce and a lifetime of employability, and it keeps you ahead of the curve.

3. Leadership
Career development builds leadership capacity, within yourself and toward others.

4. Work that Matters

Your competitive value to the workplace is “defined not only by skills and knowledge but by heart and character.” (LRN 2016 HOW Report) This makes career development transformative, seeding the potential for change, discovery, and innovation, and preparing you for work that matters—to you and the world we share.

Our career enhancement skills programme will boost your motivation towards your career. It is ideal if you are not sure which steps to take next or when you feel as though you are stuck in a rut. Career enhancement skills include motivation and goal setting, time management, and our personal development plan setting, which help you to define paths which will assist you in your day to day role. You will also gain an understanding and perspective of achievable possibilities if you decide to enhance your career further. If you wish to learn more about this programme click here

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