Is It Worth It to Invest In Project Management Training?

Everybody now recognises the importance of delivering business results to specification, on time and within budget, and that is exactly what project management skills enable you to do – even if it is not officially called a ‘project’. The ability to successfully manage projects from beginning to end, no matter their size, is a highly desirable skill.

All businesses rely on their organization ability to achieve their projects’ objectives. In order to ensure this vital achievement, currently many organizations are developing and looking for the best project managers for their projects. The demand for globally attuned project managers with suitable experiences and up-to-date knowledge is higher than ever in Kenya, both from national and multinational companies

Project management training is proven to be very helpful in enhancing communication between stakeholders, and also in developing a leader’s qualities necessary for project management. During meetings, this training course helps involved individuals to get a better understanding of what is being discussed. It also ensures that everyone is working from a common knowledge base.

When such a course is undertaken by members of the same organization, they naturally learn a common language, which plays a very important role in developing a consistent project management approach. It is using this common language that members are able to describe and discuss issues within the organization in a more effective manner.

The bright side for those organizations that invest in project management training is that their projects succeed at meeting goals, staying within budget and on time, and preventing scope creep far more reliably. Companies without a training focus report 21% of their projects are deemed failures; for those with such a focus, it’s 13%. Through professional management training, organizations are able to use a well-controlled approach to business.

Which leads me to this epiphany: now is a great time for training managers to track project performance metrics, and link the improvement in outcomes, and the financial benefits associated with them, back to the training investment. Training pays for itself; and you can prove it. No time like the present.

Viscar will be conducting a project management training form the 4th to 6th of June 2018. Trainees will through project management training step-by-step, discussing an integrated approach that balances the theories, methods and practices in managing project. Sign up below:

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