Viscar Industrial Capacity Ltd is a dynamic Training, Consulting and Resourcing firm that provides innovative Information Technology and Engineering solutions for corporates and businesses. Viscar has a rich history of driving innovation and excellence in capacity building and partners with organizations to enhance productivity and optimize strategic output.
Founded in 2008, Viscar has to date equipped over 5000 staff with skills and knowledge in technology that has improved productivity, increased efficiency and reduced risks in several organizations. . In the period, Viscar has also provided advisory and consulting services for over 20 organizations across a wide range of sectors.
OUR CORE BUSINESS: We are a knowledge  based firm that provides training, consulting and resourcing solutions for technology driven organizations and people“
VISION: To be the leading African firm providing Capacity Enhancement in Engineering Technology globally.
MISSION: Empowering organizations for Optimal Performance and Productivity through value based Training, Consultancy & Resourcing services in Engineering Technology
SLOGAN: Enhancing Performance & Productivity
Our Values:
Dynamism: We are in an ever changing environment. It is through being open minded and dynamic in our thinking that we empower people for today and tomorrow. We believe that people have vast potential if only they believe in themselves. Iron rusts from disuse; stagnant water loses its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen; even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind." Leonardo da Vinci
Professionalism: At Viscar we believe in making use of the right people with the right qualifications and competence for the right job manifested through the way we run our firm and the way we deal with our esteemed clients. We perform our tasks in a methodical fashion, with conviction, dedication and passion to achieve better results each time.
Integrity: At Viscar we are truthful to ourselves and to our customers. "It’s more important to do the right thing than to do things right" Peter Drucker.
Innovation: At Viscar, we believe in the ability of new developments so as to remain competitive in the ever changing dynamics in the market primarily for the benefit of our customers.
Customer Centricity: At Viscar, We shall constantly remain engaged with our clients and employees at all levels and continually strive to deliver high level of performance by effectively responding to evolving client requirements, consistent follow-up and quick decision making across all functions within our corporate value-chain.
Execellence: We strive for excellence in our interactions both internally and externally. We stive to excel in our commitments that include among others:
  1. Staff engagement
  2. Stakeholder engagement
  3. Internal systems
  4. Client Engagement
"The world leaders in innovation and creativity will also be world leaders in everything else" Harold R. McAllindon

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Viscar offer?

We offer training, consultancy and resourcing services to organizations and individuals. Our services focus on engineering technology driven people and organizations.

Which fields of engineering do our training programs cover?

Our trainings cover the following disciplines of engineering:
• Civil engineering
• Electrical and Electronics engineering
• Telecommunication engineering
• Mechatronics engineering
• Mechanical and industrial engineering
• Petroleum engineering
• Control Engineering

Which industry segments do our training programs apply?

Viscar’s training courses apply across various industries as listed below:
• Information Communication Technology
• Manufacturing and Energy
• Building and Construction
• Oil and Gas
• Transport and Infrastructure Development

What is an open training?

An open training is a course that has various delegates from different organizations/companies/institutions. The course focuses on industry trends and developments.

Which training programs are on offer?

Viscar runs courses throughout the year based on an open course calendar that has been developed. The calendar is a schedule of the courses for an entire year. Email to get the open course calendar or book a course on the calendar.

What is an in-house training?

This is a training offered to individuals from the same organization/company and is tailor-made to specific training needs of the institution to help improve performance and productivity.

Where do you offer your trainings?

Our training venue/location varies depending on the specific course in question. The training location is ideally selected based on its suitability for the course. For in-house trainings the venue is mostly identified based on the client’s wants. We hold most our open trainings in Nairobi at the Viscar Knowledge Room located in Bemuda Plaza, Ngong road and those in Mombasa at VIC Guest house in Nyali, Lantana road.

Do you have any pre-requisites for the training courses?

The various courses we offer have varying pre-requisites. Kindly get in touch with us via or click on the apply link and we shall more information on the specific course.

Do you do recruitment on behalf of companies/organizations?

Yes we do. Viscar has an array of clients whom it provides staff resourcing services. We post all our current job openings on our careers page. Candidates registered on our HRMS portal are profiled based on the job opening requirements before external advertisements are made.
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