Advanced Electro-Hydraulic Systems Level 11

This module is designed for applications that go beyond the knowledge of individual controllers and their limitations. The technology in this package is made up of more than one controller. These include PLC technology, sensor technology, hydraulics and electro-hydraulics basic level all put in one. PLC is widely used in the actuation of hydraulic and electric drives in this modular.

Course Duration

5 days

Learning Outcomes:

  • Trainees acquire specific skills on using PLCs to actuate hydraulic systems
  • They acquire skills on interpret complex hydraulic circuits which aid them during troubleshooting, maintenance and repair/re-installation of electro-hydraulic systems.
  • They are able to create programming code to establish motion control or vector references in control systems.
  • They are able to evaluate and analyses multi-axis systems in different performance measures like positioning errors, energy consumption and stability. Both in general and detail.
  • They have an understanding for the mechanical life expectancy and maintenance in multi-axis systems by making use of tests and simulations.


Hydraulics level 1and 2, electro-hydraulics basic level, PLC programming skills, basics

of electrical technology.

Mode of Delivery

Instructor-led classroom session, 80% practical sessions on the hydraulic training kit as well as on the Hydraulic and PLC simulation software.

Training Costs

  • The trainng fee per person/individual is KES 122,500.00
  • The fee quoted includes VAT.
  • The costs caters for provision of an ideal venue to conduct the training (boardroom/class room for theoretical training and practical training) as well as meals and refreshments for trainees for the duration of the training.
  • The cost caters for provision of professional training, student manuals a CPD certified certificates from EBK.
  • Viscar shall provide a training venue at any location (Narobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru) at no additional fee.
  • The minimum number of delegates for each class is seven (7).
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