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The Evolution of Business Communication

We live in a dynamic era. The business world keeps changing from time to time. In ancient times, people would ...
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GIS & Drone Technology Driving the Next Wave of Data Collection

In the last decade, the use of drone technology has come an exceptionally long way. Various industries will be disrupted ...
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Career Empowerment Programme

Viscar's Career Empowerment Programme(CEP)seeks to alleviate the current problem in the job market whereby many job seekers are not adequately ...
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HYDRAULICS: Apart of our daily lives

Imagine a world without hydraulic power, where manual lifting and handling, wedges, pulleys, inclined planes coupled with high temperatures would ...
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Fibre Optics Training and Career Paths

Kenya has one of the largest and fastest growing ICT sectors in Africa. It has good internet and telecommunication infrastructure ...
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