Construction Works Tendering and Procurement Procedures

Course Overview

This course targets learners who want to improve their skills in their preparation of tenders. The target looks at construction workers whose role is directly involved in the preparation of the tender or support those who prepare them. The course will assist the learners to be able to know how to search for tenders and prepare them will professionalism. The learners will be able to gain skills at how to cross various barriers that they face in running the tendering process in project-precision standard.

Value Proposition and Business Benefit

Many construction projects will source for work through tenders. The ability to be awarded tenders depends on the quality of preparation and compliance to standards and requirements stipulated in the tender requirements terms and conditions. Companies that prepare well and are ready for tenders will find themselves with various works lined up for them and will be less of a headache every time they go through the process.

Course Duration

The course duration will be Two (2) days – 16 credit hours of training.

Course Content

The course lessons will create an understanding to tendering and common procurement procedures;

  1. Tender Sources – How do we get invited to a tender?
  1. Advertisements in Papers
  2. Pre-qualification
  3. Web-Advertisements
  4. Invitation due to specialization.
  5. Preparation of the Checklist and date checking.
  1. Common Construction Tender documentation requirements.
  1. Company certification and ownership
  2. Company trading licenses
  3. Tax information, certificate and current compliance certificate.
  4. NCA registration class and current certification.
  5. Company profile and history.
  6. Confidential Business questionnaire
  7. Litigation history.
  1. Technical requirements
  1. Professional and qualifications
  2. Plant and equipment
  3. Work-Plan of works and Methodology statements.
  1. Financial requirements
  1. Access to credit and Finance
  2. Tender Security
  3. Company’s financial health statement – cash flow or audited accounts.
  4. Bill of Quantities and Contract Price.
  1. Attending to dates; Tender Dates and mandatory requirements
  1. Advertisement dates
  2. Addendums to the tender.
  3. Site Visit dates and requirements- Take notes, during the visit.
  4. Tender Submission dates.
  1. Resourcing for tenders and options
  1. Employment of consultants for the delivery.
  2. Understanding Joint Ventures and regulation. (Make sure it meets the tender requirements basics)
  3. Understanding subcontracting and regulation
  1. Basic Construction Business Case modeling for profit.
  1. Bill of quantities and profit margins
  2. Understanding cash flow management and pricing for it.
  3. Managing risk and quantifying for this in the contract sum and value.
  4. Contract hidden costs – mobilization, risk, contingencies, legal compliance


Delivery Methodology

The course is delivered through a class session led by a qualified quantity surveyor.


Next Step

Further to this course depending on the various assignment of the construction workers further trainings through some of our associates include

  1. Costing for Materials and Services in Construction projects.
  2. Alternative Construction Techniques.
  3. Project Management for Construction Works


Cost: Kshs. 34,800.00 (VAT Inclusive)



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