Cost Estimates and Construction Basics


This course will give the learners some level of understanding in how to reach cost estimates and be able to get a good appreciation of working with estimates. The target will be construction workers who have a supervision role and those who will be in acquisition of services and supplies. The learners will also be in a position to estimate both services and materials needed for the works at the various stages and be able to reduce waste. They will be in a position to call out materials at the right time when required and be able to take off quantities from technical drawings. The learners will be in a position to look at overheads due to the construction cycle and be able to add these to the overall cost. The learners will get an appreciation of costing for indirect activities arising from compliance requirements and factoring in for profit and risk.

Value Proposition and Business Benefit

Most construction companies and customers will end up with waste of materials or incomplete sections of works due to poor estimation of quantities during and after the works are complete. The course will give learners a level of confidence to take off quantities from drawings with a good level of accuracy. The learners experience will also increase with time to be able to work the quantities even with greater accuracy if they continue to use the tools they receive from this training. The employer will end up with a profitable project having covered all costs related to the works and contingencies arising.

Course Duration

The course duration will be about two days – 16 credit hours of training.

Course Content

The course lessons are an introduction to Introduction to Greenhouse emissions and standards

  1. Measurement standards
  1. Common Construction measuring units
  2. Measurement terminologies and methods
  3. Common estimation methods
  1. Understanding Technical Drawings and Standards
  1. Taking off quantities from Drawings
  2. Deriving quantities from take-offs
  3. Grouping related costs

Cost: Kshs. 46,400.00  (VAT Inclusive)

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