Target Group:

Executive officers in the Public County Service and Private Sector in 'JG' N and above or its equivalent who are responsible for making policy-related, managing resources in their organizations' strategic operations and result areas. The courses are as follows:

1. ICT as an Enabler of the Big 4 Agenda

The workshop discusses ICT as the focal point of enabling counties make accelerated gains in the Big 4 Agenda by addressing the concepts behind ICT and development in general but and specifically focusing on each of the four pillars of the Big 4 Agenda i.e. food security, Universal healthcare, Manufacturing and affordable housing. Read more...

2. ICT for Sustainable Development

Information and Communication technologies can bring revolution to the social and economic lives of rural people in developing countries where majority of population has limited access to services such as education, health services and finance and also limited access to information relevant to their livelihoods. ICTs are also capable of assisting governments, civil society organizations and other international organizations to improve the lives of poor and marginalized people and also provide livelihood opportunities for them. Read more...

3. IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies

The purpose of this Workshop is to enable county executive to assimilate, identify and analyze modern IT infrastructures and emerging technologies for the county enterprise. Attendants will learn how to leverage the IT infrastructure and emerging technologies to best serve the organizational needs and enhance the enterprise’s competitive position.The Workshop also exposes county to the technical, security, ethical, and managerial issues associated with the deployment of modern technologies and architectures. Read more...

4. The Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution to County Economy

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Netflix are some of the most disruptive and transformative technologies in the last twenty years. These technologies not only changed the way people accessed information and services but also how people behave. This workshop explores this major period of technological and social change called the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). From robots to 3D printed medication, the period in which we now live will have wide-ranging effects for at least the next fifty years. Read more...

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