Target Group:

Projects, Records and Information Management Officers or their equivalents, charged with enhancing information systems which rely on well-managed and accurate records, ICT Security, County Project Management. These include officers working in Accounts, Stores, Registry, Personnel and the Library. The courses are as follows:

1. County e-Business, the Internet and www

eBusiness, the Internet and WWW explores what an e-business is and how it is managed. ebusiness is an interdisciplinary topic encompassing both business and technology. Basic business aspects and applications throughout the business world include commercial business, government, education, and health services. Read more...

2. Integrated Information Systems

This course provides an overview of ICT, basic definitions (data vs information, knowledge, systems, processes, ICTs Days etc.). Students will be able to examine how an information system can manage a business' processes and organization, as well as the factors that can influence a business selection of their Information systems. Read more...

3. Introduction to Information Security Management

In this course, students learn basics of information security, in both management aspect and technical aspect. Students will understand the various types of security incidents, attacks and learn methods to prevent, detect and react incidents and attacks. Students will also learn the basics of application of cryptography which are one of the key technology to implement security functions. Read more...

4. IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies

The purpose of this course is to enable county staff to assimilate, identify and analyze modern IT infrastructures and emerging technologies for the county enterprise. Attendants will learn how to leverage the IT infrastructure and emerging technologies to best serve the organizational needs and enhance the enterprise’s competitive position. Read more...

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