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Viscar Industrial Capacity Ltd is a dynamic Training, Consulting and Resourcing firm that provides innovative Information Technology and Engineering solutions for corporates and businesses. Viscar has a rich history of driving innovation and excellence in capacity building and partners with organizations to enhance productivity and optimize strategic output.
Founded in 2008, Viscar has to date equipped over 5000 staff with skills and knowledge in technology that has improved productivity, increased efficiency and reduced risks in several organizations. We train to motivate talent in a unique way. We’re achievers;   For us, training consultancy is about getting on with the job. We are 100% focused on client’s needs. Our clients are ICT regulators, Mobile Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, Manufacturers and Government Corporations. The steps – Our Unique, Talent centric Way are:
  • Assess capacity and capability
  • Design training solutions
  • Execute Solutions as appropriate for growth.

General Courses

General Courses
CODE Course Duration (days)
GR 001 ISO 9001_2015 Internal Auditor 2 See content
GR 002 Business Communication Training 2 See content
GR 003 Customer service training 3 See content
GR 004 Project Management Training 5 See content
GR 005 Business Continuity Planning 2 See content

Safety Courses

Equipment Training Courses

Dear our valued Client

In our endeavour to address market needs, we are now able to offer some equipment courses. Please see the catalog below.

Equipment Training Catalogue

We however request that you specify your need to enable us size the market and know the best way to offer the courses.

Please go through the catalogue and get back to us with an indication of which courses would fit your business needs and how many staff your organization would train. Please note that this is ONLY but an indication and not a commitment. The cost of the training will only be indicated after we have gotten a clear indication from our customers of their needs. We anticipate that most of these courses will be held as open courses unless an organization raises a quorum for its own class.

Please Respond to us in the form below:

Energy Courses

CODE Course Duration (days)
ET 001 Power systems analysis skills for engineers and technicians 5 See_content
ET 002 Understanding power cable characteristics and applications 5 See Content
ET 003 Principles of Sub-station design and construction 5 See Content
ET 004 MV Switchgears 5 See Content
ET 005 Protection principles (HV and LV), 5 See Content
ET 006 Modern electrical power systems 5 See Content
ET 007 Modern power systems protection: applications and performance. 5 See Content
ET 008 Communications for power systems protection, automation and smart grid analysis 5 See Content
ET 009 Introduction to Electric Machines and Drives 5 See Content
ET 010 Electrical Motors Control 5 See Content
ET 011 Variable Speed Drives and Troubleshooting 5 See Content
ET 012 Electrical equipment and safety: operation, control, maintenance and troubleshooting 5 See Content
ET 013 Industrial automation, electrical and electronics basis 5 See Content
ET 014 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) 5 See Content
ET 015 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), 5 See Content
ET 016 Principles of Sensor technology 5 See Content
ET 017 Basic electrical semantics & trouble shooting 5 See Content

Building Courses

Building and Construction
CODE Course Duration (days)
BB 001 Climate Smart Business and Technologies 3 See content
BB 002 Cost Estimates and Construction Basics 2 See content
BB 003 Construction Works Tendering and Procurement Procedures 2 See content
BR 001 Construction Workers Accreditation Training 5 See content
BT 001 Temporary Works Management Training 5 See content
BT 002 GIS and Location Based Training 1 See content

Manufacturing Courses

CODE Course Duration (days)
MT 001 Root Cause Failure Analysis 3 See content
MT 002 Practical Hydraulic Systems 5 See content
MT 003 Practical Fundamentals of Pneumatics 5 See content
MT 004 Practical Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems: Operations and Troubleshooting 5 See content
MT 005 Practical Mechanical Sealing with Rotary, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Seal Types plus Gaskets 5 See content
MT 006 Practical balancing and alignment of rotating equipment 5 See content
MT 007 Practical machine vibration analysis and predictive maintenance 5 See content
MT 008 Control, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting pumps and compressors 5 See content
MT 009 Performance monitoring of pumps and compressors 5 See content
MT 010 Practical fundamentals of heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) for Engineers & Technicians 5 See content
MT 011 Pipeline systems design, construction and maintenance 5 See content
MT 012 Reliability centred maintenance 3 See content
MT 016 Effective shutdown and turnaround 3 See content


CODE Course Duration (days)
MB 001 Introduction to Production and Operations Management 5 See content
MB 002 Competitiveness, strategy and productivity 5 See content
MB 003 Forecasting Techniques, Regression and Correlation Analysis in production and operation management 5 See content
MB 004 The transportation and Assignment models in production and operations management 5 See content
MB 005 Certificate in Production and Operations Management 5 See content
MB 006 Business centred maintenance 5 See content
MB 007 Maintenance planning, scheduling and work control 3 See content
MB 008 Maintenance management 5 See content
MB 009 Total productive maintenance 3 See content
MB 010 Kaizen philosophy: Current Kaizen Manufacturing methods (continuous improvement) 3 See content
MB 011 Lean manufacturing 3 See content
MB 012 Just in Time Manufacturing 3 See content
MB 013 Effective production planning & material requirement planning 3 See content
MB 014 Total quality control/management 5 See content
MB 015 Levelled production system 3 See content
MB 016 Attractive quality creation 3 See content
MB 017 Total Industrial Engineering 3 See content
MB 018 Root Cause Analysis 3 See content

ICT Courses

Code Subject Duration (Days)
CT 001 Introduction to GSM Systems 5 See content
CT 002 Fibre Optic Technician 5 See content
CT 003 Fibre Optic Network Design 5 See content
CT 004 GSM, GPRS, EDGE & UMTS 15 See content
CT 005 Mobile IP 5 See content
CT 006 Introduction to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) 10 See content
CT 007 SS7 Signalling and Applications 27 See content
CT 008 Satellite Communication Engineering 10 See content
CT 009 Internet of Things and Everything 3 See content
CT 010 The Benefits of Digital Broadcasting 5 See content
CT 011 IP Convergence Overview 3 See content
CT 012 IPv6 – Migration and Planning 5 See content
CT 013 Mobile Privacy and Principles 5 See content
CT 014 Energy in Emerging Telecoms 5 See content
CT 015 GSM-GPRS- EDGE Cell Planning 10 See content
CT 016 High Definition TV Technical Introduction 5 See content
CT 017 MPLS & VPN 5 See content
CT 018 ITIL Foundation 5 See content
CT 019 ITIL Practitioner 5 See content
CT 020 ITIL Intermediate 5 See content
CT 021 The Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) 5 See content

Code Course Duration (days)
CR-001 Broadcast Content Monitoring and Analysis 22 See content
CR-002 Online Content Regulation 22 See content
CR-003 The Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) 15 See content
CR-004 e-Government in Convergence 15 See content
CR-005 Telecommunications Policy Making, Regulation and Management 15 See content
CR-006 Internet of Things and Everything 15 See content
CR-007 Broadcast Media Content Coding and Analysis 15 See content
CR-008 Effect of Convergence of Technologies in Broadcasting 15 See content
CR-009 Broadcast Media Monitoring 15 See content
CR-010 Regulator - Strategic Formulation for Telecommunications Service Providers 15 See content
CR-011 Mobile Money, Financial Inclusion, transactions efficiently and security 15 See content
CR-012 Mobile Broadband –Child Online Protection 15 See content
CR-013 Spectrum Management for Mobile Telecommunications 15 See content
CR-014 Mobile Telecoms Regulation for Socio-Economic Development 15 See content
CR-015 Mobile Telecommunications Sector Taxation 15 See content
CR-016 The Universal Service Funds Benefits and alternative approaches 15 See content
CR-017 Radio Signals and Health Factors 15 See content
CR-018 Mobile Privacy and Principles 15 See content
CR-019 LTE Evolution, Advantages in Features and Applications 15 See content
CR-020 Mobile Telecoms Sector Regulation Capacity Development – Part 1 22 See content
CR-021 Mobile Telecoms Sector Regulation Capacity Development – Part 2 15 See content
CR-022 Principles of Internet Governance 15 See content

CODE Course Duration (days)
BD 001 Telecoms Market Analysis and Evaluation 5 See_content
BD 002 Marketing and Pricing of Next Generation Services 5 See content
BD 003 Investment and Business Appraisals in Telecoms Sector 5 See content
BD 004 Telecoms Project Management and Scheduling 5 See content
BD 005 ICT Customer Service 5 See content
BD 006 Industrial Relations 5 See content
BD 007 The Effective Management of Budgeting and Cost Control 5 See content
BD 008 Telecoms Human Resource Management 3 See content
BD 009 Telecoms Fibre its Application and Social Economic Impact 5 See content
BD 010 The Benefits of Digital Broadcasting 5 See content
BD 011 Mobile Telecommunications and Market Stiff Competition 5 See content
BD 012 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning 5 See content
BD 013 Certificate in Telecommunications Management Studies 27 See content
BD 014 Introduction to Telecommunications Management 5 See content
BD 015 e-Government in Convergence 5 See content

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