Feasibility Studies Training

Feasibility Studies Training

Feasibility Studies Training



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  • Learning Outcomes
  • >Upon completion of this training

    > participants will learn how to: • Identify methods of completing feasibility studies • Discover effective project planning for feasibility studies for individuals and teams • Plan and organize feasibility studies • Involve stakeholders in feasibility studies • Apply useful planning

    > organization and people management skills • Execute an effective feasibility study prior to making a major decision • Integrate and align each feasibility study with the overall strategic plan for the organization • Keep all types of project on target in changing business conditions by conducting feasibility studies • Set and achieve ambitious targets for the next stage of development

  • Audience
  • > • Project Sponsors • Project Managers • Strategic Managers • Procurement Managers • Project Engineers • Entrepreneurs
  • Objectives
  • >There is overwhelming evidence that a project success is much more likely to be achieved in cases where a rigorous feasibility study has been carried out. A well-researched and clearly presented Feasibility Study provides the evidence necessary to enable more effective selection of projects to start and/or continue. This training course covers the knowledge

    > skills and competencies required to conduct a successful feasibility study

    > analyses the information contained within it and also to critically evaluate Feasibility Studies done by other stakeholders. This course provides participants a formidable basis to determine whether the project has sufficient merit to continue into more detailed phase.

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