Project Management Training Incorporating MS-Project - 18 PDUs

Project Management Training Incorporating MS-Project - 18 PDUs

Project Management Training Incorporating MS-Project - 18 PDUs

In recent years project management skills have become more of a general management tool than the sole preserve of the specialist project manager. Everybody now recognizes the importance of delivering business results to specification, on time and within budget, and that is exactly what project management skills enable you to do - even if it is not officially called a 'project'. The ability to successfully manage projects from beginning to end, no matter their size, is a highly desirable skill. This importance cannot be over emphasized especially in enhancing the productivity and performance of practicing engineers most of whom work as project managers. In this course, the project management trainees will apply the generally recognized practices of project management necessary to successfully manage projects.



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  • Learning Outcomes
  • >This project management training will teach you the importance of time and setting of goals and objectives. You will be able to prioritize these goals as well assist you making great use of your time.

    >You will know the remaining resources and needs of the company. This could be in the form of time

    > money or manpower. You can make use of project management training to help you determine how to estimate the resources that you will need in future projects and set realistic budgets.

    >You will learn how to produce documents for review. Every step before

    > during and on completion of the project should be documented. This will ensure a solid record that you can refer to or verify during review. Project management training will provide you with the skills that you need in producing well documented project completion proofs.

    >With this project management training you can work better with information systems. Project management is not done manually – in this day and age! You can already make use of several applications and programs to keep track of the mile stones and progress of your projects. Project management training will show you how to work around them without creating much steeper learning curve

    > especially to those people who do not have great knowledge of computers or are not comfortable using them.

  • Audience
  • > Middle Level Managers
  • > Project Managers
  • > Project Coordinators
  • > Engineers and ICT Professionals.
  • Objectives
  • >The Project Lifecycle

    >Project Management Processes

    >Scope Management in a project

    >Time Management in a Project

    >Project Roles and Responsibilities

    >Human Resources Management in a project

    >Professional Responsibility

  • Mode of Delivery
  • >Facilitated by experience registered Engineers who range of dynamic and interactive instructor led sessions including; Power point presentations

    >Case Studies; Group activities

    > Key learning points illustrated with examples of real-life Engineering case studies

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If you cannot find a substitute, we can transfer your course fees to another Viscar course of your choice.


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