Principles Of Substation Design and Construction 18 PDUs.

Principles Of Substation Design and Construction 18 PDUs.

Principles Of Substation Design and Construction 18 PDUs.

Learn step-by-step the design and construction process of the substation, from initial site review and selection to substation start-up and commissioning. Real-world examples and in-class exercises will further enhance your understanding of this subject and prepare you for on-the-job challenges. Whether you’re working on a substation design project yourself or with a project manager, this course will give you the tools and skills to successfully complete a design from start to finish.



Inclusive vat

  • Learning Outcomes
  • >Foundation

    > structure

    > and ground grid design.

    >Writing equipment specifications.

    >Substation layout and bus design.

    >Protective relaying and control basics.

    >Schematics and wiring diagrams.

    > Site and structure drawings.

    >Function and ratings of major substation equipment.

    >Auxiliary equipment and systems.

    >Substation automation and integration.

  • Audience
  • > Substation design engineers and technicians.
  • > Industrial
  • > utility
  • > or plant engineers.
  • > Transmission line design engineers and technicians.
  • > Project managers.
  • > Construction Supervisors
  • > Managers of design engineering departments.

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