A well-developed feasibility study serves as a critical foundation for success of projects. Typically providing organizations with the information necessary to make the best selection when it comes to projects. This includes considering the organization’s ability to deliver the project coupled with the value of the project to the organization and its overall vision and mission. There are instances where organizations commit to a course of action/projects that produces unsatisfactory results. The failures are almost always due to poor feasibility analysis before decisions are made. There is overwhelming evidence that a project success is much more likely to be achieved in cases where a rigorous feasibility study has been carried out. A well-researched and clearly presented Feasibility Study provides the evidence necessary to enable more effective selection of projects to start and/or continue. In engineering the key components in a feasibility study are summarized as the design, production schedule, a detailed process flow sheet, consideration of environmental issues, detailed capital and operating costs estimates, and an economic model of the project. Failure in following the steps results into following these steps are project delays and costs, including lost opportunity costs, which is because skipping a feasibility study does not save on time and money as issues which would have been identified earlier enough crop within up during project implementation resulting into and increased costs. This training course covers the knowledge, skills and competencies required to conduct a successful feasibility study, analyses the information contained within it and also to critically evaluate Feasibility Studies done by other stakeholders. This course provides participants a formidable basis to determine whether the project has sufficient merit to continue into more detailed phase.



Inclusive vat

  • Learning Outcomes
  • >Demonstrate individual leadership performance by identifying methods of completing feasibility studies

    >Discover effective project planning for feasibility studies for individuals and teams

    >Examine project management techniques to plan and organize feasibility studies

    >Use stakeholder management to involve stakeholders in feasibility studies

    >Apply useful planning

    > organization and people management skills

    >Execute an effective feasibility study prior to making a major decision

    >Define the main outcomes that will be monitored and measured

    >Integrate and align each feasibility study with the overall strategic plan for the organization

    >Keep all types of project on target in changing business conditions by conducting feasibility studies

    >Set and achieve ambitious targets for the next stage of development

  • Audience
  • > Project Sponsors
  • > Project Managers
  • > Strategic Managers
  • > Procurement Managers
  • > Project Engineers
  • > Entrepreneurs
  • Objectives
  • >What is a feasibility study

    >When is a feasibility study used

    >Best practice in fixing the scope and structure of a feasibility study

    >How to develop and conduct a feasibility study

    >How to critically analyse a feasibility study

    >Application of project management skills and techniques

    >Linking feasibility studies to the strategic plan of the organisations

  • Mode of Delivery
  • >Facilitated by experience registered Engineers who range of dynamic and interactive instructor led sessions including; Power point presentations

    >Case Studies; Group activities

    > Key learning points illustrated with examples of real-life Engineering case studies

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