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The Energy Management Regulation 2012, Clause 5(3) stipulates that the owner or the occupier of a facility shall designate an energy officer and Clause 6(1) stipulates that the owner of a facility shall carry out an Energy Audit every 3 years. The above clauses apply for facilities that consuming more than 180,000kWh of energy per annum. This training is designed to equip your team with skills and knowledge to identify energy-saving opportunities in their respective facilities and to comply with the government regulations on energy usage in industries. The training further equips your teams to support the implementation of energy efficiency measures as identified from the Energy Audits.

Learning Outcomes:

• The participants will be equipped with skills to develop energy management programs with clear objectives and targets that result into cost savings and positive environmental impacts while ensuring your facility compliance with the relevant government regulations by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

• Training serves as a foundation course towards certification courses in Energy Management

• Trainees are equipped with foundational energy auditing skills that serves as foundation towards becoming a licensed energy auditor.


Model of Delivery

Workshop presentation, group discussions and presentation of case studies from Individual facilities.

Target Audience

• Technical Managers
• Production engineers
• Energy engineers
• Engineers
• Technicians

Course Outlines

The training will cover the following topics:
• Introduction to energy management
• Energy management programs
• Build an energy program for your facility
• Energy conservation opportunities
• Energy generation, transmission and consumption
• Heating and air conditioning systems
• Energy conservation products and programs
• Cogeneration and demand control
• Boiler systems
• Compressed air systems
• Process energy optimization
• Lighting systems
• Electrical systems and motors
• Renewable Energy: Solar Technology
• Energy audits overview and reviews
• Energy view reports – monthly usage and cost forms and charts.
• Overview of the Energy Management Regulation 2012
• Overview of certifications in Energy Management

Training Costs

  • The training fee per person/individual is KES 85,000.00
  • The fee quoted includes VAT.
  • The costs caters for the provision of an ideal venue to conduct the training (boardroom/class room for theoretical training and practical training) as well as meals and refreshments for trainees for the duration of the training.
  • The cost caters for the provision of professional training, student manuals and CPD certified certificates from EBK.
  • Viscar shall provide a training venue at any location (Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru) at no additional fee.
  • The minimum number of delegates for each class is seven (7).

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