GIS and Location Based Services Training


This course targets people working with geographic data and location-based services. The training will enlighten them on basic GIS data types, principles, techniques for both data collection and presentation, mapping and web services. As part of the course various tools will be used to bring an appreciation of the application of GIS and its benefits and use.

Course Duration

The course duration will be for 2 weeks.

Course Content

  1. Introduction GIS: Definition and data types
  2. Basics of how GIS works and applications
  3. Importing Maps to your data
  1. Map collection – scanning and Geo referencing maps, and
  2. Creating Vector layers
  3. Map Design
  4. Importing and exporting Methodology and commonly used formats.
  5. GIS Skills ; Buffer, Clipping, Merging
  1. GIS and Database Tables
  1. Creation of the Database
  2. Queries: Data base selection by location Attribute and by graphics
  1. GIS Presentation Skills
  1. Mapping concepts and Layer Symbols
  2. Data Editing and Digitization
  1. Working with Internet Freeware ; Google earth and Google Maps
  2. GIS Output and analysis: Data interpolation, Creating contours
  3. GIS Data usage and telematics

Delivery Methodology

The course is delivered through a class session.

Next Step

Further to this course depending on the various assignment of the trainees further trainings through some of our associates include

Cost: Kshs. 74,124.00  (VAT Inclusive)



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