ICT Counties Capacity Building Program

This is initiative by Viscar Industrial Capacity ltd to deepen Information Communication Technology (ICT) capacity at the counties. Information and skills acquired from participating in this program will equip the counties with critical knowledge to enhance service delivery to the citizens and efficiently implement several county and national agenda such as the Big 4 Agenda, county strategic roadmaps, among others. The proposed program which targets both the executive and non-executive staff at the counties is run through 2-day workshops for the Executives and 5-day training courses for the non-executive. They will be run as open programs thus allowing counties to send any number of delegates depending on their budget and need. The program content is derived with consideration of several counties and national government policy and strategic documents. Among these includes the Vision 2030, ICT strategic roadmaps and the BIG 4 Agenda. Both the workshops and trainings will be run across different parts of the country strategically positioned to have access by all counties. Counties that require in-house programs strictly for their staff will be required to make separate arrangements with Viscar.

ICT Counties Capacity Building Program contains training programs divided into the following two categories:

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