The National Construction Authority is a state corporation whose main mandate is to oversee the construction industry and coordinate its development. One of the Authority’s key pillars of capacity building in the construction industry includes training of contractors, skilled construction workers and site supervisors.

The Authority is implementing  the Continous Professional Development (CPD) Policy for Contractors, Site supervisors and Construction Workers so as to enhance their technical and managerial skills. The Authority instituted a CPD system which is linked to renewal and registration of contractor licenses thus making it important and necessary for contractors to attend.

Viscar Industrial Capacity Limited an Accredited EBK CPD Service Provider offers the following programs in fulfillment of the CPD Policy:

Construction Works Tendering and Procurement Procedures- 10 CPD points

This course targets learners who want to improve their skills in their preparation of tenders. The target looks at construction workers whose role is directly involved in the preparation of the tender or support those who prepare them. Read More

Occupational Safety Health Awareness Training for Construction Sites- 10 CPD points

This course is meant to bring awareness for Construction Site staff. Various regulations and safety standards are geared to ensure that the safety of both Construction workers and the construction works are not compromised. Read More

Scaffolding Training - Erect, Use and Dismantle Access Scaffold- 10 CPD points

The qualifying learner will acquire the knowledge and skills required by the industry to function as a scaffold erector. Their functions will include leading a scaffold team. This includes the ability to safely and efficiently deploy the required resources to erect and dismantle access scaffolding. Read More

Temporary Works Management Training- 10 CPD points

This course is geared towards upskilling of the professional construction worker on how to design and implement temporary works during construction. Read More

Cost Estimates and Construction Basics- 10 CPD points

This course will give the learners some level of understanding in how to reach cost estimates and be able to get a good appreciation of working with estimates. The target will be construction workers who have a supervision role and those who will be in acquisition of services and supplies. Read More

GIS and Location Based Services Training- 10 CPD points

This course targets people working with geographic data and location based services. The training will enlighten them on basic GIS data types, principles, techniques for both data collection and presentation, mapping and web services. Read More

Project Management Training- 10 CPD points

In this course, the project management trainees will apply the generally recognized practices of project management necessary to successfully manage projects. Read More

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