Building, Construction and GIS

Building, Construction and GIS – Which way forward for this region?
As a country that sets standards in the region, it is in our best interests to raise the standards and profile of contractors and industry players in the Building and Construction industry to match up to the international standards, and stand up to be counted in the international market. Whereas this area has not been quite explored in terms of training products, consulting opportunities and professional recruitment, the opportunity to bridge this divide presents itself quite strongly. For Kenya to compete globally, the focus on building construction and GIS needs to be deliberate and structured.
Viscar is taking advantage of this niche that exists and taking up the baton to play in this space by rolling out a new product in this area. This is aimed at meeting client demands in industry by both equipping key players with new skills and introducing technologies for uptake.
Having built vast experience in the technology sphere and using the business, technology and people model that looks at optimizing productivity, Viscar through technical personnel and strong partners located across the continent, is well placed to take on this industry. The main objective going forwards will be to introduce new technologies and methods in construction with the aim to reduce project costs and project turn-around times.
The ultimate goal will be to influence local standards with regards to how these new technologies will be rolled out to the different stakeholders, and in the different applicable sectors. Partnership with local regulators and government agencies is in the offing to influence uptake of the introduced technologies and methods.
GIS and various mapping technologies have been around for quite a while in the region, but have not been exploited to their full potential in Kenya. The specific intention is to see to it that new experts in this field are comprehensively trained, and subsequently exposed to all sectors of society, to be able to give more location based information and exploit the data-mining possibilities that these will bring.
It is in this regard that Viscar seeks to engage with like-minded partners in the industry to create more awareness and appreciation of these skills in various sectors. To deliver on the key objective and in line with the recruitment and consultancy services offered by Viscar, various experts that can play the role of consultants in various areas of Building, Construction and GIS have been lined up for discussions. The proposed solutions are both for long term and short time projects with various implementation dimensions. Indeed the focus on both GIS and building and construction, and the relationship between them can support a variety of decision making models for successful project impact. These will require standardization of data, processes and systems to enable immediate and future use. Building design and operations are dependent on accurate data. GIS is a central cog in this wheel and Viscar with this new focus intends to bring this home for consumption.