End of Year Message by Viscar MD

As we end 2017 we can look back and count achievements, challenges and opportunities. From whichever position you are, one thing is common to all of us. That one period is ending but at the same time ushering in a new beginning. Regardless of how your 2017 was we all look forward to another 365 days during which we shall strive to achieve our plans and aspirations.

At Viscar we look back at 2017 in terms of the what we learned to enable us approach 2018 with more value to all our stakeholders. That it’s in the interest of all our stakeholders that we make the new year better. It’s true that whichever matrix you use to measure your organizational performance and productivity, you want to improve it next year. At Viscar we believe that people will continue being critical to your strategy. And so, we have spent much of our Q3 preparing to be a great partner in helping you optimize your performance and productivity come 2018.We have put together the pre-requisite framework and systems to achieve that. We are more than the ready to provide you with Human Capital Services ranging from recruitment and outsourcing to Skills development to ensure that by the end of 2018, you look back and feel proud of your achievements. Through our expansive network we are also ready to give you access to top notch experts to develop solutions for your business’ challenges through our consultancy services.

And so we want to wish you a restful Christmas holiday and a happy new year while at the same time reminding you that its equally the best time to reflect back and pick your lessons from 2017.Lessons that will help you entre ad drive through 2018 with confidence because you are sure of strategies to succeed. We at Viscar commit to be a valuable partner in helping you navigate 2018.

By Eng. David Muluongo
Viscar Managing Director.

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