Entrepreneurial Engineering

Entrepreneurial Engineering
Being an Engineer is exciting! Engineering has had a great impact on Energy, Manufacturing, infrastructure and so much more. Engineers are up to the challenge of being innovative enough to come up with advanced Technology from time to time. Aside from the Technical and Analytical skills that Engineers have, they need to collaborate effectively with their colleagues, work efficiently as leaders, be creative to be able to recognize and seize opportunities.
Emerging from school by just being Technical is not enough. Engineers need to be able to come up with the concept of starting up their own ventures as this would have a great impact to the economy. This will create more jobs, enable them to analyze the market and assist in product design and development. In most cases, Engineering graduates complete their education and start searching for jobs. Getting these jobs is never that facile. It’s high time they rolled up their sleeves and aim at building their own ventures which will in turn bear them great results in the end.
Entrepreneurship has become an all-round course. In virtually all fields of study in school, this has become a common course. What does this mean? You can be anything you want to be. One doesn’t have to be employed so as to earn a living. Entrepreneurship Engineering is indeed of great value to all Engineers out there. The job market is genuinely competitive and this course will be of great value to engineers by giving them knowledge, attitude, and postures that are required to identify opportunities and bring them to life.
Entrepreneurial Engineering gives Engineers the drive, passion, resourcefulness, and the notion that one can be prosperous. Companies need to embrace the culture of Training their Engineers and Technical staff with this course as it will assist them with coming up with innovative conceptions for developing the organizations they work for. Most Engineers tend to devalue this course, yet being entrepreneurial can make Engineers be more strategic in projects. It will give them a broader perspective on the results which would lead to decisions that will improve the final product.
Much as Entrepreneurship is perceived as individual, a group of Engineers can as well converge as a team and this can additionally be termed as Entrepreneurial. With the current ever transmuting trends in the economy and business globalization, opportunities to evaluate and pursue are massive. This means, Entrepreneurial Engineers are able to vet and recognize these opportunities as they arise.
It is critical to develop the mind-set and skills that would assist you engender and realize incipient value for people and organizations. The opportunity to acquire the tools, methods and knowledge of processes, as well as an organizational and managerial understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship that catapult one to make a difference. Viscar offers an Entrepreneurial Engineering programme for all Engineers. Wouldn’t this be a beautiful thing to do?