Fall Arrest Level 2 Certification Training

Certification Overview

The certification will equip trainees with the skills to identify work at height hazards and to work safely at height. It also covers all aspects of recognizing fall hazards, fall hazard elimination and control methods, fall protection regulations, inspection of equipment components and systems before use. Practical demonstrations by trainer on how to inspect, anchor, assemble and use fall protection equipment’s.

Course Outline

• Introduction to Work at Height
• Work at Height Categories
• Fall Factor
• Harness Suspension Trauma
• Risk Assessment
• Hazards and Height
• Selection of Control Measures
• Selection of Available Fall Protection Equipment
• Inspection and Maintenance Programme for Fall Protection Equipment
• Common Mistakes / Abuse of Fall Protection Equipment
• What Happens in A Fall?
• Rescue Provisions After a Fall
• User Inspection, Care and Maintenance
• The Need for Fall Protection
• Legislation Requirements Related to Work at Height
• Work at Height Definitions and Control Measures
• Safe Use of Access Methods, including Scaffolds and MEWPs
• Ladder Safety (optional)
• Be Aware: Fall Protection Systems are NOT Fool proof!
• Suspension Trauma: Definitions and Treatment
• Emergency Considerations and Rescue
• Pre-use Inspection Procedures, Correct and Incorrect Usage of PPE
• Equipment Care and Storage
• Hands-on Practical Pre-use Inspection

• Harness Fitting
• Touch-check, Self-check, Buddy-check and F.O.S
• System of checking for correct harness fitting
• Suspension Exercise
• Instructor Demonstration of the use of a harness suspension self-recovery device
• Rigging of horizontal and vertical temporary lifelines
• Safe Climbing with Twin Lanyards, Vertical Lifelines and Fall Arrest Blocks
• Working on Inclined Surfaces and near Falling Edges with Horizontal Lifelines



After successful assessment has been completed candidates will be able to:
• Use a range of items of fall arrest equipment
• Tie 4 basic rope knots
• Install and use temporary fall arrest systems
• Inspect and assemble fall arrest equipment and systems
• Interpret and implement the fall protection plan
• Perform basic fall arrest rescues
• Briefly explain suspension trauma



IWH (Institute for Working at Heights)
SERVICES Seta for Unit Standard based skills training

Certificate valid for: 3 Years

Who should attend?

The Fall Arrest Technician course Level 2 is aimed at small working teams (such as the telecoms industry, construction workers, the power distribution industry and technical rigging industry) that need to use a combination of fall arrest systems, install their own temporary systems and perform their own rescues if required.

Training Requirements

• Each participant must have a standard fall arrest kit
• Certified copy of ID Document/Passport for each participant.
• Copy of medical certificate stating fitness for work at height (valid for at least 3 months from training date) for each participant.
• Each participant MUST be proficient in English both reading and writing
• Safety boots and suitable attire for site practicals

Training Details

Dates: Once every Month( Download the Height Safety Catalogue for Full Schedule)
Duration: 3 days
Cost: KSH 55,000.00 exclusive of VAT
Venue: Viscar Training Centre (Nairobi)

Payment Terms and Conditions

Fee quoted is charged per individual.
100% payment expected with PO for the training to commence.
Viscar is to provide a venue for the training, for both theory and practical sessions, as well as providing the meals and refreshments for the entire duration of the training for the trainees.
Fee quoted includes professional training, student manuals and certificates.

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Apart from Fall Arrest Level 2, Viscar offers Fall Arrest Level 1, Rope rigging and Rope Access Training. Viscar in collaboration with EHS (Evolution Height Safety SA) supplys kits issued with a unique serial number which makes traceability easy as well control over care and inspection. Click here to download our Height Safety Catalogue 2018

For any enquiries on other Height Safety courses send us an email to enquiries@viscarcapacity.com

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