Working at Height Training

Working at heights is one of the main reasons of injuries at workplace around the world. Height safety system is something that should be taken very seriously. Companies working on some high-rise buildings,structures or towers must take training into consideration for the welfare of their employees.

We hold a Fall arrest level two training(Height Safety Training)once every month at our premises(Viscar Knowledge Room).This training will equip delegates with the skills to identify work at height hazards and to work safely at height. It also covers all aspects of recognizing fall hazards, fall hazard elimination and control methods, fall protection regulations, inspection of equipment components and systems before use. Physical demonstrations by trainees on how to inspect, anchor, assemble and use fall protection equipment.

Over 3 days, students will learn in a hands-on environment the fundamentals of working at heights.This course is appropriate for workers who have specific work tasks at height with permanently engineered anchors and protection systems. The fall protection training is in accordance with occupational health and safety regulations. The training also highlights ANSI/CSA regulations and recommendations. Using these regulations as guidelines, students are trained in the selection, correct use, and incorrect use of fall protection equipment and systems.

Who should attend?
 The Fall Arrest Technician course Level 2 is aimed at small working teams (such as the telecoms industry, construction workers, the power distribution industry and technical rigging industry) that need to use a combination of fall arrest systems, install their own temporary systems and perform their own rescues if required.
 Small teams using this course can only operate without supervision if a risk assessment, a fall protection plan and work site procedure is in place.
 Trade and Maintenance Workers
 Safety Professionals

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The above images represent previous height safety training done at Viscar.