MD’s Message

MD’s Message
Society today is faced with many challenges and difficulties, that all require well thought through diagnosis and solutions. Engineers play a critical role in providing workable solutions for various societal challenges that require them to embrace the values of hard work, discipline and ethical choices. To uphold the engineering profession, every engineer is called upon to use their knowledge and skills to take on new as well as prevalent challenges, whilst maintaining the professionalism that they are bound to. Innovation is a key aspect that every engineer must embrace, to both make maintain what already exists and to make life better.
Engineering as a human endeavour is also facing numerous challenges of its own including: not having a clear path of progression and growth into the industry; different bodies in the engineering profession not respecting or representing the engineers well; rampant corruption within industry; structures and policies that are in place are not being followed; and the lack of follow through required for success.
However, all is not lost and there are interventions that can restore the sanctity of the engineering profession including: strengthening the educational enterprise; forging more effective interdisciplinary alliances with the natural and social sciences and the arts; enhancing focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation; and promoting increased public awareness and support for the engineering enterprise.
It is incumbent upon both the government and private sector to step in and come up with policies to review the education system, and to encourage engineers to think and come up new innovations to transform society. The ball is also in the court of senior engineers in industry to step up and mentor the upcoming generation of engineers to foster sustainability of the profession.
To this end, Viscar is holding an Engineering Leadership Forum at the end of October to bring together senior engineers in industry from both the public and private sector. This event will see seasoned practitioners share knowledge and engineering leadership best practice, to steer the engineering profession for sustainable development.
With over 100 engineers from different engineering field in attendance, the need to integrate engineering leadership and professional development to transform the practice and performance of engineering to global stands will take center stage.
Eng. David Mulongo
Managing Director,
Viscar Industrial Capacity Limited