MD’s Message

MD’s Message
Engineering occupies a critical space in every nation’s economy and has served society throughout the history of mankind from the Wright brothers to renaissance engineers such as Leonardo da Vinci. In present times, society makes use of Engineering in almost all areas of life ranging from leisure, Marketing, Agriculture, Automobile, Banking to Manufacturing among others. The critical role that Engineering plays in driving business has not diminished over time, but remains relevant and pertinent to making life better and driving business’ growth.
This role occupied by Engineering in the society demands a focused look at the profession with a view of managing it properly to ensure sustainability and growth. As a leader in Engineering Technology Training and Consultancy we continue playing our role in building capacity for this profession. Through our quarterly forums, we felt it important to bring together stakeholders within the Engineering fraternity from both the public and private sector to share knowledge and engineering leadership best practice. During the recently held Viscar Engineering Leadership Forum over 50 engineers and other stakeholders from different engineering fields were in attendance on 27th October 2016 at Nairobi Serena Hotel.
The forum focused on how to transform Engineers for Optimal performance in order to continue relying on engineering profession for sustainable development. The role of engineers in public and private sector was discussed and the call for recognition and acknowledgement of engineers as major contributors to the achievements of Organization goals was emphasized.
Eng. David Mulongo
Managing Director,
Viscar Industrial Capacity Limited