Root Cause Analysis Training

Program Oveview.

Don’t put a bandage on a problem; fix it. Root cause is the fundamental, underlying reason to a problem.
When faced with a manufacturing problem, professionals at World Class Organizations typically implement Root Cause Analysis with corrective actions as a remedial action. This course will enable participants to understand root cause analysis as a procedure for ascertaining and analysing the causes of problems in an effort to determine what should be done to solve or prevent them. Consisting of presentation, practice, and role-playing, this course is designed to provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of how to analyse a system to identify the root causes of problems. The net effect is that it saves your organization time, money, and resources. 

Training Details

Provider: KAM in Partnership with Viscar Industrial Capacity Limited 

Dates: 29th November 2018 

Time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Venue: Golden Tulip Hotel, Westlands

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the training, trainees will be able to:
• Define root cause analysis (RCA)
• Identify the core principles behind RCA
• Identify situations that call for a RCA
• Implement and conduct a RCA
• Put together an RCA team
• Document an RCA process from problem identification to validation of the corrective action to prevent recurrence of the problem

Benefits of the training

  • Improved reliability and availability of equipment and processes
  • Identify possible supply chain interruptions
  • Analyse near-misses
  • Reduced incidents and accidents
  • Facilitate change management
  • Reinforce quality control
  • Risk identification
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Great customer experience


Section 1 

  • What is Root Cause Analysis?
  • The Benefits of Conducting Root Cause Analysis
  • Why it is Important to Conduct Root Cause Analysis

Section 2

  • The Process of Root Cause Analysis
  • Defining the Problem Collecting Data
    Evaluating Possible Causes
  • Identifying and Implementing a Corrective Action Plan Analysing the Effectiveness of the Plan

Section 3 

  • Problem Solving Techniques Used in Root Cause Analysis – 5 Whys
  • 5 Whys
  • Benefits of Using the 5 Whys Technique
  • Why and How to Use the 5 Whys Technique?

Section 4

  • Problem Solving Techniques Used in Root Cause Analysis – Fishbone Diagrams
  • Cause and Effect (Fishbone Diagrams)
  • Benefits of Using Cause and Effect (Fishbone Diagrams)
  • Why and How to Use Cause and Effect (Fishbone Diagrams) Technique

Section 5 

  • Practical Workshop using Techniques Learned


Instructor-led – Sessions

Case studies of Actual Problems in Manufacturing Plants


  • Quality, safety, risk, and reliability managers
  • Process Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Operations supervisors and personnel
  • Maintenance managers
  • Production Managers
  • Reliability professionals
  • Anyone who wants to improve their ability to solve recurring problems should attend



Evance Ogolla

Evance is a Mechanical Engineering Consultant with over 12 years of experience working as an Engineer in the Manufacturing Industry both in Kenya and in the Eastern Africa Region. He has a specialization in Plant maintenance and Maintenance Management. His experience in the has been various capacities including Project Engineer at Mumias Sugar, Utilities Engineer at SAB Miller PLC – South Sudan, Maintenance Manager at Unilever Kenya and currently the Technical & Manufacturing Excellence Manager at Beiersdorf Kenya.
He is currently the lead trainer and consultant at Viscar on Manufacturing Excellence and Maintenance Management and has over the years delivered training to various clients on Root Cause Analysis, Maintenance Management, Total Productive Maintenance and customized programs on Plant Maintenance unique to different clients
Evance holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Jomo Kenya University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and is currently undertaking Master of Business Administration at the University of Nairobi.
He has equally undergone professional training in ‘Total Productive Manufacturing’ Japanese manufacturing, maintenance standards as well as World Class Manufacturing and GEM processes

Rockfella Oketch

Oketch is a Mechanical Engineer with vast experience in the Manufacturing Industry spanning over 10 years with a specialization in Maintenance Management and Manufacturing Excellence. He has over the years worked in various capacities including; Process Engineer, CGB Foods Limited, Maintenance Manager, Agro Chemical and Food
Company Limited, Maintenance Engineer, Coca-Coca – Kisii Bottlers, Plant Engineer and currently the Manufacturing Excellence Team Leader at PZ Cussons East Africa Limited
He is currently a trainer and consultant at Viscar on Manufacturing Excellence and Maintenance Management and has over the years delivered training to various clients on Root Cause Analysis, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling and customized programs on Maintenance. Rockfella holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in operations management from the University of Nairobi and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nairobi.


Participation fee:

KES 25, 000 (+16% VAT). Payment can be done through Cash, Cheque drawn to Kenya Association of Manufacturers or via MPESA (Pay Bill No: 825970).
Go to Lipa na M-PESA, Pay Bill, Enter Business Number which is 825970 then enter Account Number i.e. the Name of Company/Service being paid for e.g. KAM Root Cause Analysis Training.

Early Bird Discounts will be given for every:

• 2 nominee 5%
• 3 Nominees 10%
• 4 Nominees 15%
• 5 Nominees 20%
• More than 5 Nominees 25%
Payments are strictly on or before day of the Seminar Registration deadline: Open
For confirmations and registration contact:

Catherine Mukoko on email: or