Regional Technical and Enterprise Training Partnership for Success

Regional Technical and Enterprise Training Partnership for Success
East meets South!
Viscar Industrial Capacity Limited and Enterprise University of Pretoria have entered into a promising partnership that is poised to transform the knowledge transfer industry at both ends of the continent. This partnership will see both institutions fulfill on a joint vision to train students both at university and corporate level on programmes across the technical and business enterprise divide.
The partnership agreement comes after a series of discussions over the last year to synchronize joint vision and ensure alignment of purpose. Having shared historical achievements, programme catalogues, target market mapping and desired outcomes, both institutions realized the timely opportunity presented for synergy, and the valuable possibility to leverage on each other’s strengths and potential to create joint value.
Enterprise University of Pretoria (EUP) has a rich and solid history of success and in 1996, became the university with the highest research output in South Africa. This status has been maintained to date, and continues to be a stronghold. EUP provides and facilitates easy access to a multidisciplinary range of contract research, consulting and training solutions. Having celebrated its Centenary in 2008, EUP hopes to expand its market and gain entry to East and Central Africa to boost collaboration in research and training activities.
Viscar Industrial Capacity on the other hand, being a a dynamic training, consulting and resourcing firm providing innovative ICT and Engineering solutions for corporates and businesses; with a vision to be the leader in Engineering Technology Consultancy and Training in East and Central Africa, is clearly and continues to be a strategic fit for this partnership.
Viscar has a rich history of driving innovation and excellence in capacity building to enhance productivity and optimize strategic output. Having equipped over 6000 staff with skills and knowledge in technology to date that has improved productivity, increased efficiency and reduced organizational risk, Viscar is indeed the go-to provider in industry.
This partnership is poised to deliver sustainable greatness with both parties collaborating to: jointly facilitate programmes in both countries through exchange of resource persons and consultants; facilitate exchange programmes for students and exchange of customized and appropriate training solutions for the market; ensure collaborative efforts on proposals and projects; provide logistical coordination and access to extended markets; and research and development of new technical and business products for launch.
The immediate next steps for both parties include identification of key resource synergies for uptake, and preparation of a joint communication and awareness outreach to the target markets. Indeed EUP and Viscar have unique and distinctive strengths that can be leveraged on for joint breakthroughs. The whistle has indeed blown and it is incumbent upon both institutions to spring from the starting block and get in to a full sprint towards research, training and project success. That the formidable East has met the powerful South to collaborate for greatness, is indeed the beginning of a fruitful and productive association.