Rope Rigging Course

Course Overview

Rope rigging is a 2-day course designed to teach rescuers/technicians the basics of rope rescue and how to access, package, and evacuate the injured in vertical environments. Facts about current rope technology and adjunct equipment are combined with practical exercises to demonstrate the use in a non-rappelling environment. Students will learn basic knots, rigging techniques, single point anchors, stretcher evacuations, raising/lowering systems and belay.

Course Duration

2 Days


Ksh. 61,000 Inclusive of VAT.


19 th – 20th Feb 2019

Who Should Attend?

This course has been developed the course for 3 groups of people:

  1. Technicians already in the Telecoms industry that would like to improve their skills, learn new, safe and efficient techniques.
  2. Technicians wanting to join one of the fastest growing industries in Africa.
  3. Companies needing to improve the safety of their staff.

Entry Requirements:

  1. Original certified copy of I.D document
  2. Copy of valid medical certificate
  3. Safety shoes.

Theoretical Knowledge

  1. Introduction to rope rigging.
  2. Rope rigging definitions.
  3. Standards regarding rope rigging.
  4. Have an understanding about on-site risk assessments.
  5. Implementing a lifting plan
  6. Appropriate equipment care and pre-use climbing inspection methods.
  7. Identification and use of climbing equipment used for rope rigging.
  8. Limitations of climbing equipment used for rigging.
  9. Understanding the advantages of a “buddy system”.
  10. Managing sharp edges.
  11. Managing minimum free board.
  12. Understanding the effects of mechanical advantage systems.
  13. Understanding the use of a backup system.
  14. Slinging and rigging principles.

A certificate will be issued after the training, which is valid for 3 years


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