Viscar Manufacturing Forum

A successfully run event sponsored by Viscar Industrial Capacity Limited for Head of Departments and Supervisors from various fields brought together managerial heads in the manufacturing industry from both public and private sector to share knowledge on profitable manufacturing. This event was held to steer manufacturing companies towards profitability through easily adapting to new technology, delivering a differentiated customer experience and more so have resources of superior skills, knowledge and attitude. It was successfully held on 15th June 2017 at the Sarova Panafric Hotel.

Fig 1. Participants enjoying the presentations made by one of the speakers

This forum attracted a rich variety of participants including Mabati Rolling Mills, Gilfilian Air-conditioning, Crown Paints , Bobmil, Unilever Tea, KAM, Freval, Tetrapak, Kartasi Ltd, Tetra Pak, Easyway Safety, NQCL, Energy Pak Kenya Ltd, Bidco Ltd, Metrological Department, Easyway, Outsource Technologies and Credence Engineering among others.

The forum began with a presentation by Fred Akoko, Manager of Manufacturing Excellence at a leading Multinational Company, who spoke about World Class Manufacturing. The ensuing discussions amongst all members who were present was that it is important for companies to have good manufacturing practices which are lean, efficient and cost effective. Coming out of the discussions was that for an organization to gain more than 10% revenue than the previous financial year it needs to come up with new ideas.

The second speaker was Rose Maruti, Senior HR Manager, Unga Limited, who spoke about aligning HR Strategy for Business Continuity in Manufacturing Industries. Ensuing discussions with all the members’ present was that the HR department must have a seat at the strategy table. Coming out of the discussions was the importance of a company developing an efficient reward strategy as it will help strengthen the organization’s effectiveness in achieving its intended outcomes. At the end of the presentation the participants were given the chance to engage and network with other members with some refreshments.

Fig 2.HR manager of Unga Limited Mrs Rose Maruti speaks to the audience

The third speaker was Eng. Steve N. Mbugua, Head of engineering and projects at a GlaxoSmithKline, who spoke about Project Management in manufacturing. Ensuing discussions with every participant present on the phases of a project using a memorable example of how to prepare Ugali. Coming out of this discussion was that the quality of the ingredients is very important. Therefore, in order to have a successful project there are important tools to consider such as the project team, communication, scheduling and the user requirement briefs.

Fig 3. Eng. Steve Mbugua engages the audience.

The fourth speaker was Job Mogire, Executive Director of House of Mastery and a certified Excellence and Mastery Coach (EMC) with the Coaching Academy (UK), who spoke about personal mastery for professional excellence. Ensuing discussions with every participant present was on the fundamental needs for growth which are certainty, love, connection, growth and contributions.

Fig 4. Dr. Job Mogire speaks on proffessional excellence.

At the forum, the participants engaged with the speakers asking various questions and commending them for the wonderful informative presentations they made. The event was graced with small activities after every speaker
Finally, our last speaker was Viscar CEO Eng. David Mulongo who gave a brief description of the company and thanked the participants for gracing the event.