“Enhancing Performance and Productivity of Engineers”

Viscar industrial Capacity has been accredited to offer CPD Training Programs for Engineers by the Engineers Board of Kenya(EBK).

The Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) in pursuant of Section 7(1)(q) of the Engineers Act 2011 is implementing the Continous Professional Development (CPD) Policy for Engineers. This policy seeks to develop and contiously improve the competency of engineers in Kenya. The CPD Programs began in January 2018. According to Section 32(2) of the Act, Consulting and Professional Engineers seeking to be issued with a practicing license must present a certificate of CPD issued by the Board. Graduate Engineers with over 3 years of experience are also expected to complete the allocated Professional Development Units for their names to be maintained in the register, such evidence will be required for successful registration as a professional engineer. The Board has therefore instituted a CPD system beginning January 2018 which will be linked to renewal and registration of licences for all the categories of registration as per the CPD Policy starting 1st of January 2019.

The CPD Policy was objectively designed to ensure:
• Improvement in professional competence of local engineers and engineering firms
• Keeping abreast with changing procedures and standards
• Understanding and application of advances in technology
• Better service to the Engineering Profession, community and environment
• Assistance of practicing engineers towards increase in capacity for learning so as to be more capable, confident and adaptable to change
• Broadening into related fields such as finance, management or legal aspects in order to increase work performance and enhance career prospects for engineers.

Continous Professional Development (CPD) is described as integration of techniques, ideas and approaches that help an individual, manage their own career growth and learning. It involves ensuring that your skills, knowledge and experience are relevant and up to date. It can be termed as ‘a professional obligation to learn.’’
Continous Professional Development is an integral element of a successful engineering career. A CPD Program provides a framework to identify a plan for acquiring further skills and knowledge needed. It involves activities that helps practicing engineers:
• Fulfil present and future roles effectively
• Maintain high standard of professional competence
• Expand their knowledge
• Maintain up-to-date technical skills
• Progress their engineering career
• Grow their professional networks and contacts
• Attain and maintain your professional status.
• Enhance their competitiveness in the ever-dynamic job market

EBK has categorised the activities towards the continuous development of Engineers that will enable them to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) in compliance with the CPD Policy as below:


Formal Activities: This included courses offered by universities, technical institutions or professional bodies as well as short courses, seminars workshops provided by training firms, professional bodies, societies, associations

Participation: Activities an engineer undertakes that contribute towards enhancing his profession and or serving the public or society interest such as Mentorship/Coaching, serving in public service board that draw onto their professional expertise or serving in technical committees, professional organizations or societies beyond the ordinary work roles.

This include delivering presentations that are of technical and professional nature beyond your work responsibilities, this may include presentations at a conference, meeting, training/course, workshop, seminar or at an event sponsored by a technical or professional organization.

Contribution to Knowledge:
Activities that contribute towards expanding or developing the technical knowledge base in the disciplines of engineering or geoscience. i.e. developing set of codes and standards for the profession, patents, thesis at Masters or PhD levels, book publication and related areas.

Work-based Activities:
Performing day to day engineering related responsibilities at their various places of work, Engineers will be legible to earn Professional Development Units.


This constitutes informal activities which are generally shorter with no form of formal evaluation bur contribute significantly towards expanding the knowledge, skills and competence of the Engineers. They include i.e. self-directed studies, attendance of technical or professional based conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings and industry-based event. These activities also include structured discussions of technical or professional issues with one’s peers.


To be compliant with the CPD Policy guidelines and, professional and consulting engineers will be required to accumulate at least 50 PDUs in total in to renew licence for practice. This will consist of 40 PDUs from structured activities and 10 PDUs from unstructured activities. Graduate Engineers on the other hand will be expected to accumulate at least 25 PDUs for three consecutive years prior to registering as professional engineer.

Viscar Industrial Capacity Limited has been given an approval to offer CPD Training Programs which are categorised as formal activities. The lsit below illustrates the different programs that Viscar is currently offering towards the fulfilment of the CPD Policy:


Training programs have been scheduled beginning 14th May 2018 in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa and Nakuru.

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Reference: CPD Policy – Guidelines for Engineers by Engineers Board of Kenya