Occupational Safety Health Awareness Training for Construction Sites


This course is meant to bring awareness for Construction Site staff. Various regulations and safety standards are geared to ensure that the safety of both Construction workers and the construction works are not compromised. The course is geared towards a quick awareness for all staff to reach compliance within the construction site. This course fits many construction sites that have temporary and contract staff. The idea is to ensure that the one day is packed with all relevant material and that the learners are able to apply them in their daily assignments.

Value Proposition and Business Benefit

The benefit is to ensure that the contract and temporary staff are able to adhere to the company rules, procedures as far as OSHA rules are concerned. The construction site will be a safe working environment with no incidents and healthy. Incidents can cause companies lots of losses in revenues, court time and lost time. Construction projects can also be stopped due to non-compliance to statutory requirements and regulations. The cost of re-mobilization of construction site could drive the company into greater losses. A healthy environment allows the construction staff to be able to attend work regularly because they will avoid illness that could result from an unhealthy environment.

Course Duration

The course duration will be one day – 8 credit hours of training.

Course Content The course lessons are an awareness to Health, Safety and Environment course for Construction workers that include;

  1. Health Safety and Environment Regulations for Construction sites
  1. OSHA Safety Symbols and their meanings
  2. PPE Basics and how to use them
  3. OSHA rules and WIBA basics
  4. Employers Health, Safety and Environment policy.
  5. Introducing the responsible safety committee.
  1. Reporting of Risks and incidents
  1. Raising an alarm in case of fire.
  2. Warning on slippery surfaces and possible risks
  3. Reporting near misses.
  4. Site Safety Committee
  1. Classification of risks and incidents
  1. Health issues
  2. Environmental issues
  3. Near misses
  4. Injuries and fatalities
  1. Health and Wellness
  1. Drugs and substance abuse.
  2. Air cleanliness.
  3. Stress and
  4. Work life balance

Delivery Methodology

The course is delivered through a class session led by a qualified OSHA certified trainer. The course will not have any assessment and will be an attendance only session. At the end of this course the participants will also sign an attendance form to show participation

Next Step

Further to this course depending on the various assignment of the construction workers further trainings through some of our associates include

  1. Fire Marshal Training – for the Fire Marshal assigned staff.
  2. First Aid Training – this is for the assigned first aider and all Site supervisors.
  3. OSHA for Construction Managers and Site Supervisors.
  4. Working at Heights safety orientation.
  5. Working at heights – Scaffolds and ladders.
  6. Working at heights – Lattice Towers and walls.
  7. Rescue Techniques – for people working in confined places.


Cost: Kshs. 23,200.00  (VAT Inclusive)


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