Viscar resourcing service provides not only the competent and experienced human resources for the market, but also alleviates the burden complexities of recruitment, resource management and development from the employer, while at the same time ensuring high productivity for the staff.

Viscar resourcing products include the following:
1. Recruitment- Viscar has the unique capability to source highly qualified candidates for clients through its data bank of candidates and networks within various industry sectors
2. Headhunting: Viscar prides itself in its ability to effectively and efficiently support its clients to get talented suitable candidates for their organizations.
3. Staff Outsourcing: Viscar provides comprehensive outsourcing services and gives organizations the time to focus on business growth and opportunities.
4. Career Empowerment Programme: This programme is designed to develop career guidance to professionals in regards to their career development initiatives, and also includes training's to enhance participants competitiveness in the job market.
5. Career enhancement Skills: This programme is designed to also offer career guidance to new entrants in the job market.

6. Psychometric Assessment Tests: Viscar offers psychometric tests and personality assessments as a support to the recruitment process and also to individuals as part of their individual career development planning.

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