Temporary Works Management Training


This course is geared towards upskilling of the professional construction worker on how to design and implement temporary works during construction. The Construction lifecycle management requires that temporary structures and excavations are done to ensure protection, passage, support and wayleaves for the permanent structure, equipment and plant. Upon completion of the course the attendees will be able to manage a construction site temporary works and follow standard guidelines and procedures.

Value Proposition and Business Benefit

The construction company will be able to promote aware-ness and knowledge of the importance of managing temporary works within its sites. There will be marked improvement in the contractors’ management arrangements of temporary works. This training will Increase the competency of those engaged in temporary works management and design. Good management of temporary works will eventually reduce damage, accidents arising from temporary works failures and poor performance.

Course Duration

The course duration will be about five days – 40 credit hours of training.

Course Content

The course lessons are preparation for assessment and involves case studies and evaluation criteria essentials for construction professionals working with temporary structures.

  1. Definition and standards of Temporary works;
  1. Definitions and awareness,
  2. Technical Standards
  3. Safety Standards
  1. Site Structures
  1. The Site Office
  2. Site Billboard
  3. Site Hoarding and fencing.
  4. Edge protection
  1. Temporary structures
  1. Formwork and falsework
  2. Propping
  3. Shoring
  4. Needling
  5. Facades
  1. Earthworks
  1. Excavations and Trenches, excavations and embankments
  2. Temporary slopes and stockpiles.
  3. Temporary retaining walls
  4. Cofferdams
  1. Site Equipment
  1. Crane foundations, supports and anchors
  2. Lifts and lifting cranes
  3. Hoists
  4. Piling platforms
  5. Drilling platforms
  1. Roles in Temporary works
  1. Temporary works Designer
  2. Supervisors
  3. Works Coordinators
  4. The Temporary Works Register
  5. Appointment of Specialist Sub-contractors
  1. Temporary Works Project Life-Cycle Management.
  1. Design and approval of Sub-contractors Design.
  2. Ownership of the Temporary Works.
  3. Installation and construction of temporary works
  4. Temporary works signage.
  5. Temporary works maintenance
  6. Demolition and removal of temporary works.

Delivery Methodology

The course is delivered through a class session led by a qualified Construction Professional. The lesson includes various case studies and calculation models to enable the trainee appreciate application of the models during the construction life-cycle management.

Cost: Kshs. 75,000.00  (VAT Inclusive)

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