You have probably heard these three words (Root Cause Analysis) before but you do not really know what it means. Let’s separate these words into two and simply it. A Root Cause is defined as a factor that caused a nonconformance and should be permanently eliminated through process improvement. While Analysis is a detailed examination of the elements or structure of something. Therefore, Root cause analysis as a collective term is a wide range of approaches, tools, and techniques used to uncover the most probable causes of problems. 

The easiest way to understand root cause analysis is to think about common problems. If a car has failed to start, we’ll ask a mechanic to find the cause of the problem. If our business is underperforming (or over-performing) in a certain area, we’ll try to find out why. For each of these examples, we could just find a simple remedy for each symptom. For example, to get around without a car, we might take the bus and leave our broken car at home. But this solution will only consider the symptoms and will not consider the underlying causes of those symptoms. In this case, for a car, it could be a busted alternator that needs to repaired. To solve or analyze a problem, we’ll need to perform root cause analysis and find out exactly what the cause is and how to fix it.

Root Cause Analysis assumes that it is much more effective to systematically prevent and solve for underlying issues rather than just treating ad hoc symptoms and putting out fires. Root cause analysis can be performed with a collection of principles, techniques, and methodologies that can all be leveraged to identify the root causes of an event or trend. RCA can show where processes or systems failed or caused an issue in the first place.

You may now be asking yourself why should I learn about root cause analysis. A Mechanical Engineer recently stated, “Equipment failure is not a single event—it is a process.” The truth is, maintenance issues are often caused by a string of technical issues and process failures. If the mechanical engineer were to find out the main cause of the problem, it would help him to solve it and prevent from occurring again through a proven methodology taught in our Root Cause Analysis Program. 

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) in partnership with Viscar Industrial Capacity Limited invites you to a two-day Root Cause Analysis Training on 25th – 26th September 2019 at Golden Tulip Hotel, Nairobi  (Westlands). 

The training shall consist of presentations, practicals and role-playing designed to give an in-depth understanding of ascertaining and analysing the causes of problems and determine solutions. This will, in turn, save your organisation time, money and resources.


KES 35, 000 Exclusive of VAT.

Payment can be done through Cash, Cheque drawn to Kenya Association of Manufacturers

or via MPESA (Pay Bill No: 825970).

Go to Lipa na M-PESA, Pay Bill, Enter Business Number which is 825970 then enter

Account Number i.e. the Name of Company/Service being paid for e.g. KAM Root Cause Analysis Training.

Payments are strictly on or before day of the Seminar

Early Bird Discounts will be given for every:

• 2 nominees: 5%

• 3 Nominees: 10%

• 4 Nominees: 15%

• 5 Nominees: 20%

• More than 5 Nominees: 25%

Registration deadline: 23rd September 2019

For confirmations and registration contact: or


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