Viscar offers expert and professional consultancy services in several areas in I.T and Engineering. Our consultancy methodology follows three phase approach : Strategic blueprint and literature review, Discovery and Design, Reports and recommendation..

VIC Video

Information Communication Technology.

  • ICT and Telecommunications Policy and Regulatory Issues.
  • ICT and Telecommunications Rural Connectivity.
  • Innovative Drivers and Trends in the ICT.
  • ICT and Telecommunications Project Management.
  • ICT Technology Evolution Management and Audits.
  • ICT Audits.
  • Digital Transformation.


  • World Class Manufacturing/Lean Processes.
  • Industrial Automation/Process Automation.
  • Maintenance Management.
  • Process Integration for Optimum Energy Efficiency.
  • Safety Culture Assessment.
  • Supply Chain Optimization.
  • Product Development and Innovation.

Building and Construction.

  • OSHA Safety Audits and Policy Establishments.
  • Site Compliance Audits and Readiness.
  • Construction Workers Assessments – NCA.
  • Road Asset Assessments – Road and Highways Agencies.
  • Traffic Counts and Analysis.
  • Green Building Assessment and Improvements.
  • Root Cause Analysis and Failure Assessments.
  • Baseline Surveys.
  • Feasibility Studies.

Graphical Information System(GIS).

  • GIS Survey and Database Management.
  • GIS Research.

Electrical Systems.

  • Industrial and Field Automation.
  • Electrical and Power Systems.
  • Operations and Maintenance.
  • HVAC Systems.
  • Lighting Systems.


  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems.
  • Energy Auditing: Implementation of Audit findings.
  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Clean Development Mechanism.
  • Renewable Energy Development.

Oil and Gas,Mining.

  • Health, Safety and Environment: A case of Height Safety, Confined Space Entry.
  • Geological and Geophysical Surveys.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Consultancy.

Cross Industry Business Process Management.

  • Strategic Planning.
  • Business Continuity Management/Planning.
  • Project Management.
  • Customer Experience Management.

Consultancy services for Human Resource and Organizational Development.

  • Organizational Structure Review and Strengthening.
  • Training Management.
  • Training Needs Assessment.
  • HR Audits.
  • Job Evaluation.
  • Skills Assessment.