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PLC BootCamp

PLCs are the most prevalent computers we have around us yet the less exposed than your traditional PC. We encounter PLCs almost everywhere as we go about our usual business; when we press that up or down button on a lift and the door opens, we then go ahead to press the button for the floor of our destination. The conveyor at the airport check where our luggage is scanned even for those us in the industry, that conveyor belt at a bottling plant and many more. Learn more about the Programmable Logic Controllers in this Bootcamp.

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  • Learning Outcomes
  • >Understand concept of hardware and software

    > Hardware configuration

    > Uploading / Downloading PLC programs

    > Troubleshooting and fault finding

    > Linking of PLCs with other systems.

  • Audience
  • > Anyone willing to learn more about PLCs
  • Objectives
  • >Basic constituents of PLC

    > Analog signal processing

    > Networking

    > Graphic display creation

    > Installation Guidelines

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