Fundamentals of Blockchain Training

Fundamentals of Blockchain Training

This introductory course is aimed at helping participants understand the world of digital payment systems such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This training will involve practical exercises which will help one master the nuances of blockchain technology and use it in your day to day applications. You will master the various aspects of blockchain like building a peer-to-peer network, ethereum language Solidity, digital smart contracts, hyperledger, understanding the strengths of bitcoin and ethereum.

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  • Learning Outcomes
  • >Apply shared ledgers and smart contracts to your Business Network

    > Think about your participants assets and business processes

    > Spend time thinking about realistic business use cases

    > Get some hands-on experience with the technology

    > Start with a First Project

  • Audience
  • > This course is for students
  • > IT and Finance professionals
  • > Anybody else who want to learn the basic concepts of block-chain and use it in projects and applications.
  • Objectives
  • >What is Blockchain?

    > Blockchain Explained

    > Blockchain Architected

    > Blockchain Explored

    > Blockchain Composed

Viscar reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule courses and to change instructors. Please be advised that in the event of a course cancellation, Viscar is not responsible for airfare penalties or other travel related expenses you may incur. You must successfully complete the entire course or program to be awarded a Certificate of Completion/Participation.

If you cannot find a substitute, we can transfer your course fees to another Viscar course of your choice.


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