Electro-Pneumatics Training Level 1

Electro-Pneumatics Training Level 1

This course is an advancement of the basic level. Electro-Pneumatic systems integrate pneumatic and electrical technology into one control system. In Electro-Pneumatic systems, the signal control is electrical while the working medium is compressed air. This level enables the learner to design electro-pneumatic circuits, carry out maintenance on existing electro-pneumatic systems and successfully troubleshoot such systems easily.

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  • Learning Outcomes
  • >Explain the difference between Pneumatics and Electro-Pneumatic control systems

    > Identify symbols for various components both in Pneumatics and Electrical sections

    > Read and interpret electro-pneumatic circuits

    > Design simple to complex systems using the software and simulate

    > Build/assemble circuits on the kit using various components in Pneumatics and electrical

    > Identify areas of application of these systems in industries

    > Successfully troubleshoot electro-Pneumatic systems

  • Audience
  • > This course is suitable for engineers in factories.
  • > Plant maintenance personnel.
  • > Instructors.
  • > Design engineers.
  • Objectives
  • >The following is a list of topics to be covered in this module:

    > Introduction to components in basic electrical and electronics

    > Pneumatics review and advantages of electro-pneumatic control systems as compared to pure pneumatically controlled ones

    > Difference in signal flow structure of Pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control systems

    > Symbols and standards in electrical and pneumatic sections

    > Components of the working section (compressed air) and their ISO symbols

    > Components of the control section (electrical) and ISO symbols representing them

    > Application of solenoid valves relays contactors proximity sensors limit switches pressure switches control switches and push-buttons

    > Reading and interpretation of circuits

    > Developing circuits using software and linking Pneumatics and electrical controls

    > Building circuits using the kits (implementing circuits designed on the software)

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