Improving energy performance requires a systematic, data-driven and facts-based process, in which energy performance measurement and evaluation is key to ensure effective and measurable results over time. Energy performance is a concept which is related to energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption. Integrating energy performance management, improvement and evaluation into business practice can assist organizations to establish a process for continual improvement of energy performance and thereby improving energy performance and associated energy costs assist in meeting climate change and greenhouse gas reduction goals. At the organization level, energy is no longer just about reducing costs or environmental impact, it’s also about: • business continuity • resilience • achieving of overall strategic business objectives • ability to deliver stakeholder value. This course provides practical methodology and tools for energy performance measurement and evaluation using energy baselines (EnBs) and energy performance indicators (EnPIs).

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  • Learning Outcomes
  • >Understand and apply concepts related to energy performance Improvement and evaluation

    >  Analyze and define actual energy performance

    > including relevant variables and static factors

    >  Identify significant energy uses and develop appropriate EnPIs for monitoring improvement and reporting purposes

    >  Developing and setting energy savings and energy efficiency improvement opportunities

    >  Develop models for forecasting energy consumption (daily weekly monthly and annual) and energy performance

    >  Calculate and assess energy savings from projects

    >  Determination of confidence levels and margin of energy in reported savings

    >  Use of the Energy Management System Tool

    >  To apply energy performance management improvement and evaluation for ISO 50001.

  • Audience
  • > Engineers – Electrical
  • > Mechatronics
  • > Mechanical Engineers
  • >  Technical Managers
  • >  Energy Managers
  • > Energy Auditors
  • Mode of Delivery
  • >Instructor-led PowerPoint Presentations

    >  Group exercises

    >  Energy Calculations

    >  Practical on the Energy Performance Toolkit

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