EPC contracting is gaining grounds in Construction Industry in investment involving capital intensive project with complex scope including Power Plants, Highways, Air and Sea ports etc. Consolidation of risks has become a major driver towards adoption of EPC contracting in addition to allowing the open completion on technical solutions and better output performance to meet Employer’s Requirements. It is therefore important for professional, practitioners and players in the construction industry to have the knowledge of EPC contracting and to draw parallels with traditional methods with a view to filter and utilize benefits accruing from the contracting method.

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  • Learning Outcomes
  • >Learners will be able to understand the fundamentals

    > rationale and structuring of EPC Contracts

    >The learners will be able to discern the Competitive Edge/Advantage of EPC Contracting

    >Learners will be able to understand Risk Allocation in EPC Contracting

    >Learning will be able to use and apply different Forms of EPC Contract e.g. FIDIC Silver Book and Japanese Form

  • Audience
  • > Engineers
  • > Professionals
  • > Practitioners and Players in the Construction industry/ working in Infrastructure Development Projects from the public and private sectors.
  • Mode of Delivery
  • >Seminars

    > Class room lectures

    > presentations and Notes (interactive sessions)

    >Case studies and Discussions

    >Flip Charts Demonstrations

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