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Pneumatic Systems Virtual Training

This virtual training is designed in modules to cover the required content for Pneumatics Level 1 Training

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  • Learning Outcomes
  • >On completion of the 4 modules

    > participants are able to: Demonstrate knowledge of the applications of pneumatics in industries Identify the various components used in these systems and the applications of each Identify the various components using ISO symbols as used in Pneumatic systems Carry out maintenance and troubleshooting on these systems Demonstrate knowledge of installation of the various components such as compressors Read

    > interpret and design simple circuits using software

  • Audience
  • > Industrial workers Technicians Engineers Students
  • Objectives
  • >Module 1: Introduction to Pneumatic Systems This module introduces the participant to Pneumatic systems operation and how they generate the power they need to perform task. Module 2: Pneumatic Valves and Actuators This module covers Pneumatic valves and actuators. The working and application of various valves as used in pneumatic systems is described in detail. Module 3: Pneumatic Circuits This module covers circuits for pneumatic systems. The module will help participants read interprete and design simple pneumatic circuits. Module 4: Pneumatic systems general maintenance and troubleshooting This module covers general maintenance of pneumatic systems. It highlights routine checks performed on components such as compressors

    > valves and actuators. It also gives tips on troubleshooting.

  • Mode of Delivery
  • >On Zoom; through theory

    > presentation

    > demonstrations and practicals

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