NCA CPD Basic Construction Safety Training

NCA CPD Basic Construction Safety Training

Construction Sector is essential and an integral part of infrastructure development which gives tremendous boost to our country’s economy. The construction industry has registered enormous growth worldwide in recent years. Although, the development of technology is rapid in most of the sectors, construction work is still labor intensive. The construction workers are one of the most susceptible of the unorganized and unskilled labor as they are being exposed to serious OHSE hazards. The rate of fatal accidents in this industry are 4 to 5 times that of the manufacturing sector. It’s important that organizations take the issue of health and safety seriously and as part of this, they must ensure relevant and effective training provided to their personnel.



Inclusive vat

  • Objectives
  • >The overall objective of this training is to create basic awareness of safety in construction industries. Among them are

    > Definitions

    > Importance and Fundamentals of Safety management system

    > Legal and statutory requirements

    > Roles Responsibilities and Accountabilities towards Safety

    > Hazard Identification Risk assessment and Hierarchy of control measures

    > Safety during work

    > Safety during concreting formwork and shuttering

    > Safety while working at heights and scaffoldings

    > Electrical safety

    > Permit to work system

    > Safety in welding and gas cutting

    > Safety while material handling

    > Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    > Effective safety training lead to safe work culture high morale increased productivity therefore high credibility

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