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Project Management for Telecoms

In recent years project management skills have become more of a general management tool than the sole preserve of the specialist project manager. Everybody now recognizes the importance of delivering business results to specification, on time and within budget, and that is exactly what project management skills enable you to do - even if it is not officially called a 'project'. The ability to successfully manage projects from beginning to end, no matter their size, is a highly desirable skill. In this course, the project management trainees will apply the generally recognized practices of project management necessary to successfully manage projects.

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  • Learning Outcomes
  • > Describe professional project management

    > Initiate and Plan project work

    > Develop project schedules

    > Develop cost estimates and budgets

    > Plan project quality staffing and communications

    > Analyze project risks

    > Plan project procurement

    > Manage project procurement

  • Audience
  • > All Employees and project managers
  • Objectives
  • >Project Management Framework

    > Project Integration Management

    > Project Stakeholder Management

    > Project Scope Management

    > Project Time Management

    > Project Cost Management

    > Project Human Resource Management

    > Project Quality Management

    > Project Risk Management

    > Project Communications Management.

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