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Information Technology (IT) Security Awareness is an issue of concern among many employers, employees, and the everyday IT user. This attention does not come without reason, Denial of Service (DoS) and other malicious attacks cost companies millions of dollars every year. This makes it vital that companies and organizations develop a robust IT security program. IT security awareness is a pivotal and foundational step to any and every IT security program. It is in the best interest of companies everywhere to spend money up front on IT security in order to protect their assets, or it will inevitably cost them more money in the end if they do not. .

  • Learning Outcomes
  • >Understand the information assurance principles

    > Identify the key components of cybersecurity network architecture

    > Explain the processes and practices involved in risk management

    > Understand security tools and hardening techniques

    > Identify different kinds of attacks

    > Distinguish system threats and vulnerabilities

    > Understand the latest IT and IS technologies

    > Apply appropriate responses to cybersecurity incidents

  • Audience
  • > Users - end-user who are not security experts and should be trained basics of security.
  • > Technical people - people responsible for parts of the infrastructure and/or services.
  • > Management - Managerial people at different levels of organizations/infrastructure.
  • Objectives
  • >The purpose of IT Security Awareness is to provide personnel with general information meant to promote behavior and attitude changes both at the individual level and at the organizational level. Awareness allows individuals to recognize the importance of security and the consequences that can occur if it is disregarded or ignored. It influence decisions on when providing personal information and also encourage personnel to challenge an individuals credentials if not openly identifiable.

    >This course covers over 30 cyber security subjects. It’s packed with the latest tricks hackers and scammers are using to social engineer you for your data

    > money and secrets.

    >Who the various hackers are out on the Internet today. VISUAL examples of targeted phishing emails

    > and be taught in detail how to recognize the major red flags

    > so that you can READILY detect these emails in the future.

    >Ways that business and corporations are hacked and defrauded

    > via things such as malicious Macros

    > BEC Fraud scams

    > Ransomware attacks and more.

    >How social engineering attacks and use your mobile phone to trick you into paying money or giving your secrets away. You will also be presented with many different social engineering attacks on the Internet

    > so you can see how easily people can be preyed upon using their sneaky methods.

    >What Banking Trojans are

    > a common type of cyber-attack that effectively depletes your bank accounts of funds

    > and successful method of socially engineering people into handing over your credit card details.

    >Why Apple devices can be secure most of the time

    > but can sometimes be JUST as insecure as other computers

    > as well as some general things you can do to protect yourself whilst using a Mac computer.

    >You will become well versed in the general differences in security between iPhones and Androids

    > some of their main security features

    > how to avoid downloading malicious apps

    > and much more.

    >Effective solutions

    > around password management and 2-Factor Authentication.

    >The main privacy/security issues as well as solutions

    > when it comes to using browsers

    > and social media platforms such as Facebook.

    >The significance of Internet data privacy

    > the buying/selling of your private data

    > and the prevention of identity theft.

    >What encryption is

    > why it is so very important to enforce security and privacy

    > and common encryption solutions you can use both at home

    > and at work.

    >Major security issues involving IoT connected devices

    > and be visually guided on how you can secure your home devices and networks to keep the bad guys at bay.

    >The great cyber security solutions how to protect yourself when using computers

    > smartphones and the Internet.

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