Engineering Graduate Development Program

Engineering Graduate Development Program

Engineering Graduate Development Program

EGDP is a transformational programme for Engineering and IT graduates that maps their knowledge to skills required by the industry. It gives them exposure enabling them to gain industry experience and groom their personal skills and competencies.

Programs currently offered are:

  1. 1.Introduction to Telecommunication Systems Engineering.
  2. 2.Introduction to Engineering Plant Management.
  3. 3.Information Technology and Business
  4. 4.Introduction to Broadcasting Systems Technology
  5. 5.Energy and Power Systems
  6. 6.Introduction to Building and Construction Systems

Program Overview

The Viscar EGDP programme is one of a kind in the region that bridges the gap between Engineering and ICT academic qualifications and industry expectations, through hands-on knowledge and skills transfer. Started as one of Viscar’s flagship projects in 2009, the program has seen 210 trainees successfully complete the program and are currently working in various organizations including Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Energy. The program targets fresh Engineering and ICT Diploma and Degree graduates selected across all universities hence encouraging diversity and cross learning. The program ensures the trainees get real time exposure through industrial visits and a practice that reinforces the trainees understanding of their profession and industry at large.

The mode of training includes theory and practical classes conducted during the 2 hours evening class, site visits and case studies- research and presentation that the trainees are assessed on for a period of 3months. This culminates the end of the training and certificates of Completion are awarded. EGDP provides a holistic curriculum that combines both technical expertise and practical life skills ensuring participants graduate with the qualities required for success in the workplace and as entrepreneurs. The training is delivered by consultants who are actively working in the industries with proven over 10 years’ experience in the industry, the consultants are vetted annually to ensure they are professionally developing themselves through training and certifications programs, the trainees are asked at the end of each module to provide feedback on the performance of the trainers in order to ensure quality standards are maintained. EGDP provides valuable training and mentorship interaction with seasoned industry experts and consultants ensuring industry entry level competency as well as career growth.

To further ensure the relevance of the training, the different programs are continuously under revision by the solutions team to ensure optimised knowledge transfer taking into account the dynamic technology and the market needs.

Annually Viscar runs two programs rotating across the six programs with each class having a maximum of 15. Viscar took the initiative to develop the fresh graduates as they enter the market to enhance their employability. Since inception Viscar has provided half scholarship for this program for all the trainees. In the year 2016 Viscar made a step forward to offer full scholarship to all the trainees.

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Program Objectives

  1. 1.To bridge the skill gap presented in fresh technical graduates to meet the dynamic industry needs
  2. 2.To mould the fresh graduates into employability
  3. 3.To stir entrepreneurship in the fresh graduates
  4. 4.To present organizations with a low-cost model of employing at entry level
  5. 5.To enable the fresh graduates, establish their career paths earlier in life
  6. 6.To assist organizations, reduce the costs of training in entry level employees

Benefits of the program to the trainees and the employer

  1. 1.EGDP fast tracks the trained engineering graduates’ productivity by ensuring learning lead time at the workplace is optimized.
  2. 2.EGDP ensures graduates’ efficiency and performance with core competencies required for their specific roles.
  3. 3.You get fresh recruits with right attitude and approach to work
  4. 4.EGDP gives you access to a pool of energetic graduates to aid in your research and innovation at a much-reduced cost.
  5. 5.You have an access to a low-cost model to bring in new staff.
  6. 6.The cost of engaging new recruits is significantly reduced as the new graduates become productive within the first 6 months of onboarding
  7. 7.EGDP lowers the costs of training new Engineering graduates by absorbing the essential technical and leadership skills training budget.
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Vincent Ngeno Kipngetich

Vincent Ngeno KipngetichField Eng Ericson

I currently work with Ericsson Kenya Ltd as a Field Engineer in Fiber Optics. The EGDP program which is great in content and skills development really helped me be successful at my work.(2011)

Vincent Ngetich
Chris Mbori

Chris MboriCEO Eenovators Ltd

In my first engineering job, I had great difficulty practicing my Theoretical knowledge in the industry. What I gained most from the EGDP program is a shift in my mindset. I managed to develop skills that have helped me grow my business and make profit. I also gained more insight in the Engineering world and that has motivated me to pursue my Masters in Energy Management. The EGDP program is a great eye opener for any fresh graduate and also to those already in the field of practice(2011)

Chris Mbori
Samwel Njoroge

Samwel NjorogeConsultant Deloitte

One unique thing about Viscar's EGDP is that it's content is delivered by trainers who are already practicing in the field; thus exposing the trainees to the real world challenges and opportunities where they can employ their theoretical knowledge acquired in class, and how they can exactly do that to become innovative problem solvers not only in the profession but to the society. Am proud to be among the pioneer trainees as the all-round skills, exposure and experience I gained became immediately useful and invaluable during my subsequent internship that was arranged by Viscar and up to date in my profession. I unreservedly recommend it to engineering graduates to help them improve their employability, with the value added you are an easy sell(2009)

Samwel Njoroge
Maureen Mureithi

Maureen MureithiSafaricom

The telecommunication world is so diverse and in its diversity, lies its beauty. I had not discovered all this until I joined Viscar Industrial Capacity Graduate Trainee program. The three-month program entailed detailed lessons from experts from different facets of Telecom such as Fibre optics, wireless communication, microwave Engineering, Engineering designs, Network to mention but a few. This was also coupled with life skills lessons such as project management and soft skills. This training was an eye opener and helped me bridge the gap between the engineering in class setup and the real-life skills employers require. I am particularly employing the knowledge I acquired during the wireless sessions in my career as an Optimization Engineer. Soft skills is a unit I have found so essential in my day to day working environment because it helps me define how I relate with my colleagues. This is a program I would encourage every aspiring telecom Engineer to take(2016)

Maureen Mureithi

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